June 4, 2023

Cloud is the only way out:

What is the Cloud?

This webinar will teach you what the Cloud really is, why we’re using it and how is it being developed and adopted.

We’ll discuss in great detail the technical aspects of the Cloud, including:

→ Software as a Service

→ Platform as a Service (PaaS)

→ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

→ Latest trends in the Cloud arena

→ How much does it cost to shift your business to the cloud?

Clouds are ever-expanding with new, innovative technology. Let’s see what the Cloud industry got in store for us in 2018!

→ The Cloud Expo Asia will be in Singapore for the first time!

→ There will be 3 expos: Cloud Expo | @Expo, IoT World (Cloud Expo @ThingsExpo), DXWorld

→ Trusted Cloud Conference by SYS-CON Events

→ The CCW Training & Demo Sessions

→ The Cloud Event series (Cloud Expo, Cloud Expo @ThingsExpo, DXWorldEXPO, Cloud Computing, DevOps Summits, JavaOne) will return in 2018

Welcoming Kim Cloud to the stage

Cloud technology is a trending hot topic nowadays. How does Singapore companies and government benefit from cloud technology?

In this round table workshop, we’ll discuss about…

→ What’s the cloud? Technologies behind it

→ Cloud adoption in Singapore and around the world

→ How will cloud technology change your workplace? Remember Clickey vs Amazon’s Mechanical Turk?

Save the date for these high-level educational events and conferences on cloud technology.

If you’re attending Microsofts’s Worldwide Partner Conference, don’t miss these leading educational sessions on navigating the cloud computing landscape:

→ Microsoft Azure Boot Camp — Expert-led workshop on building multi-tier applications built with Azure hosting, Web app deployment, SQL database and Identity management services.

→ What You Need to Know About Security in Cloud Environments — See how security features that deliver identity and access control, encryption and digital rights management translate in the cloud when services and data are distributed over the Internet.

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Join the Cloud Computing Revolution in 2014:

Cloud computing is not just a buzzword. It has gained traction as businesses are starting to realize the massive cost and time-saving benefits. Superapps have enabled niche teams to focus more on business critical activities. All these have taken cloud computing beyond testing, piloting, and engineering. Looks like it is time for B2B and B2C companies to jumpstart their journey of cloud computing in 2014


1-How to improve your business agility by introducing a cloud strategy to your company.

2- The new dimension you can achieve through Cloud Computing.

3- How you should approach the cloud with Innovation and caution.

4-What key benefits you get from moving to the cloud.

Make Your Cloud a Valuable Utility for Your Business:

The cloud can be so much more than just a repository of data. We’ll discuss some of the most recent trends in cloud technology and show you how to make your cloud a valuable utility for your business.

Create insights from multiple data sources

Create deeper customer experience with real-time analytics

Increase agility using the cloud to platform approach

Run your entire application on the cloud (or pick and chose!)

Cloud technology: it’s all the rage these days, but with so many cloud services out there and so many buzzwords to know, how exactly do you figure out which service is right for you?

─What are the benefits of a SaaS platform to help your business grow? Why choose a hybrid deployment strategy? What is managed hosting and why should you care? Join Cloud Technology experts from Gigaspaces, Forcepoint, Microsoft, SAP, Oblix and Salesforce for an educational webinar on these topics and more.

─What are the benefits of a SaaS platform to help your business grow? Why choose a hybrid deployment strategy? What is managed hosting and why should you care? Join Cloud Technology experts from Gigaspaces, Forcepoint, Microsoft, SAP, Oblix and Salesforce for an educational webinar on these topics and more.

─The industry experts from Intel® IT Center will show you how to harness the power of the cloud to achieve greater agility. In addition we’ll highlight the latest security technologies available on AWS including using AWS CloudFormation Templates in conjunction with OpsWorks recipes.

─Join Dell Technical Consulting Group’s Michael Mior (Founder & Owner) as he shares his

Innovation and trends in cloud technology:

We will be exploring the global trends of cloud computing. There will be a number of new and existing cloud technologies that you can explore, that come with a number of benefits for all kinds of people in different industries.

‘New to Cloud’ and ‘Cloud Adoption’ are two sessions that discuss key trends and issues with regards to how businesses are adapting to the cloud – and what they should consider before making the transition. They’ll look into various aspects e.g the security and privacy when you decide to go down this route, migration patterns, cost savings, risks, IT transformation choices, architecture design and operational models. Another session is ‘Application Modernization’. It can be hard to find your footing in the world of modernisation – especially when there are so many reasons why you’d want to do it. There are however even more reasons not to do it or think you don’t need modernisation at all! This session will discuss e.g. why you’d want to adopt the new technologies (drastic market changes & transition), why and how modern apps are better from a security perspective than legacy apps & how this relates to legacy applications at your company.

>>More info: https

To join Cloud Technology Summit, please click the hyperlink below:

Cloud Technology Summit is an event that offers top-to-bottom discussions on everything from building cloud applications to connecting your back end to users in the cloud. The event will focus on education and informational sessions led by industry experts, guided pre-arranged round table discussions, and traditional conference style break out sessions.

Experienced executives who are looking for information on cloud computing and more will be in attendance. This conference creates an opportunity for learning about new concepts and creative implementations of cloud technologies.

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