June 4, 2023

Learn how to master Linkedin strategy and grow your Social Networking!

Join us to learn all the best strategies you need to be a successful social media manager.

Why you’ll learn from this event?

→ Add value to your profile, improve your skills and boost your networking!

→ Learn from the industry’s top trendsetters

→ Share and brainstorm with other professionals

Build a network of professionals you can rely on. Join and invite your friends, too!

► When: Tuesday, 22nd of January

► Event URL: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/

LinkedIn for Personal Branding

Mark Brown will teach you how to effectively use LinkedIn as a place for business and personal branding.

✓ Why LinkedIn is so effective for personal branding

✓ A step by step process for maximizing your profile and growing your network

✓ Nuts and bolts of growing your network

✓ Finding events that are a fit for your business and linking them to your profile

✓ Tips on optimization and reporting features

Top tips for job searching.

This webinar will help you with:

→ Where to find jobs

→ How to write a resume that gets noticed

→ How to get interviews at major companies

How to Build Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn

LinkedIn groups are the fastest growing category on the platform. Here we will talk about:

1. How to become an “influencer”, an expert in your sector, so you can attract more clients and generate more interest

2. Understanding how LinkedIn groups work, get it right and boost your influence even more.

3. How to create online communities with your blog posts and turn that into jobs, more traffic to your website and sales

4. Creating a specific profile page so people can’t bare not following you

5. Q&A

Sneak peak of the next generation of our recruiting solution for top-performing sales teams

– Personalization – targeting the right sales person at the right time for the right prospects

→ What it takes to win in sales today

→ Overview of the 3-step process

→ Live demo with a customer’s data

How to get a job with Yelp:

→ The hiring market for the talent market for both the employers and candidates are jobs and careers. Its never been a better time to jump in on this growing tech company!

→ Great training and fast-paced environment where you will grow professionally.

→ In this webinar, we’ll take you through Yelp’s business model, culture and people. And also share tips on how to impress Yelp and get hired now!

The Millionaire’s Mind

About the mastermind:

How do millionaires think? What does it take to become one?

Come and be a part of our mastermind, join other entrepreneurs for an inspiring discussion. Do you want to use your time and intelligence more intentionally? Our group will provide you with greater clarity, more drive, and more prosperity.

Take the time to discover the secrets behind this event.

A recent trend in business circles is that of purposeful networking. In Paris there are many of these type of events, such as this one with the entertaining Anders Colding-Jorgensen, author of The Purpose Economy. The theme for the event is: “How can you build a sustainable economy in which commerce and community are closely intertwined?”

This is a good question indeed – how do we create an economy that works for everyone?

Anders has been Director General at Ramboll (a Danish consulting firm) and Managing Partner of BCG in Sweden. He founded his own consulting firm, Wise Counsel, in 2004 and worked there until 2009. He has written three books; he’s an avid blogger and has participated actively in collaborative projects such as Copenhagen Climate Council, the New Economy Forum (NewVisions), Wor(l)d Business Academy and more.

Outside business circles Anders has also been involved in work relating to peace and security issues. Today Anders is working on issues relating to our economic model, especially on increasing economic efficiency through innovation.

He believes that our current knowledge based economy is rapidly giving away to a new development model based on Purpose – or as he says

How to convert LinkedIn connection into professional opportunity

Contacting your peers on LinkedIn is one of the least effective ways to connect to people, but it’s also one where we see most of our peers spending their time doing it. We’ll talk about how to use LinkedIn effectively, and what else you can be doing in order to deepen your relationships with the people in your network.

→ While social networks like Facebook and Twitter are focused on creating new connections and growing your online persona, so much of LinkedIn is about connecting and maintaining relationships with the people you already know.

→ After all, using these sites for your own personal use is just one part of a much bigger picture.

→ It starts with eliminating the following misconception: That the goal on these networks is to grow your online footprint or start a side project that improves your personal brand.

→ The biggest thing holding us back from having profound impact is trying to do too many things at once. The more time we spend on Facebook or Twitter, the less time we’re spending building relationships socially or professionally with the people around us.

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