June 4, 2023

This is how you can best use Twitter. We are happy to invite you to the weekly Twitter event where we share insights, latest trends, tips and cool tricks on Twitter:

Are you Twitter-confident? Hear from top Twitter Authorities, and others on the

You got it! Send me a DM (direct message) with your Twitter username, and I’ll give you the heads up on all of the events there.

It’s only fair since this info will help you grow faster than anyone else in your niche 😛

Are you managing your Twitter account in the way it should be?

Early Bird tickets are now available for the best Twitter event of the year: Social Media Explorer’s

– Learn everything you need to know about using Twitter to grow your audience

– Attend the sessions with hundreds of others professionals who are also looking to grow on this social network

– To apply, click here and fill out the application right away:

to learn the secrets of driving engagement on twitter. You will learn how to master your own twitter account, how to engage your audience and how to use Twitter as a key traffic driver for your content or blog.

Twitter Tools for building an engaged community

Talk to us about topics related to:

How to use twitter as a business tool?

Click on following link to find the right fit: Join us for an evening of learning how Twitter can be used as a marketing tool. We will cover the practical applications of Twitter, an overview of Twitter success metrics and how to integrate Twitter into your marketing plan through the many features that make it such a powerful social media platform.

→ Learn about tools that measure Twitter influence: Klout, Social Bakers, Radian6 and more.

→ Find out what hashtags are and how they can be used to reach targeted customers. Decide which hashtags are useful for you and why.

→ Discover best practices for using @mentions in your tweets.

→ Work with brainstorming ideas, lists and user-generated content that you can base your tweets off of to expand your personal brand or business reach.

We will also have a special bonus round! The most popular tweet during

Twitter party with Mike Agnes

Hey, there! Join us for a twitter party to celebrate Mike’s new book for kids that launched on Tuesday, October 28th at 9pm EST/6pm PST. He will be joining us via live video feed in the Tweetchat link below. We will be asking questions about the book and other fun things. Make sure to use the hashtag

Join us as we talk with Nick Andrews, SVP Marketing at Loom, as he gives you an inside look at Twitter’s advertising services and how they play into your overall marketing strategy. Nick will be offering a bunch of insights and advice on how to use Twitter in your marketing strategies! Oh, and he’ll also be presenting 5 social media lessons every entrepreneur should learn.

→ Introduction to Twitter

→ 5 Social Media Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

→ How to Tailor Your Twitter Strategy to Your Business Needs

→ How to Hack Twitter for Monetization and On-Page SEO

→ Unlocking the Real Power of Twitter for Your Business

We’re trying a short twitter chat on April the 8th from 8pm-9pm .Get your questions ready, because our guest @RichardsonVC will take tweets on the following topics:

======== Please RSVP ================================

We’re hosting another twitter chat in 2 weeks. Make sure to join us – see you there!

More details + Event copy that I am using that I believe have helped lead users to my website which converts into leads:

♥ My recent newsletter: ( http://brennan.me/2015/04/newsletter-freebie-sonar )

For the first time ever, Twitter will host a live televised event from The Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing China on December 3rd. The viewing parties are going to be spectacular . . . we hope you can join us from one (or all!) of our viewing parties happening all over the world.

you know your audience and their happiness means a lot for you

You see, it’s about what your audience feels when they read your text or listen to your speech. So, promise to make them feel “happy”, “excited” or simply “enthusiastic”. For example, you could say “Get X and Y now!” rather than ‘save up to [x,y]’ or ‘save money and enjoy more’.

So, stop telling people how they should feel and start expressing how they should feel!

2) Express your values with overwhelming emotions.

Your values are the foundation of your company. And sometimes it’s impossible to explain why you do things in any other way than because it’s right! And that begs the question how do you to get this message out?

Translated into copy? Try conveying morals & virtues with strong emotions like exclamation marks! It especially works when paired with.

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