June 4, 2023

There are usually three types of Instagram events that you can attend so choose wisely based on your interests:

See more photos and videos from this past weekend’s event here:

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There is the “trending” section on Instagram, and if you are new to Instagram and want to know what to post that gets you a lot of likes and followers, this event is for you.

+ What types of posts get you more engagement?

+ What do users want from businesses on Instagram?

Here’s your chance to learn from someone who knows exactly what it takes to make amazing Instagram posts for businesses!

How can you leverage this network and turn it into a fun and engaging social experience?

→ Social Photos on Instagram

→ Photo Contest!

→ Public chat stream

→ Lead magnet (promotional content)

→ Hashtag contest: Best geotag of Paris 2016!

Happy Woman’s day..Let’s spread happiness!:

Instagramers in Singapore, Norway, Iran, Russia and others are joining to spread happiness in the world. Please join us and make someone smile!

My first post:

Join us, guys!

Check out our newest Instgram event! Mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs in this intimate setting.


> Goal: Gather like minded entrepreneurs for an intimate setting for new relationships.


> What to bring along: your business card, a cool project you are working on and a friend


A special and exclusive event by the popular app “instagram”

As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around.

Since the beta version, they have published some instagram events which generate thousands active users.

The first event was published as:

https://www.instagram.com instagram event

<website link>

Let’s celebrate! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Get your tickets to our instagram.com/ event tonight.

Featuring www.instagram.com and others, join us on instagram.com at 9pm EST for a night of dancing, drinking and unforgettable memories. → Event details /// Attire : Dress to impress /// RSVP via FB below : → Click accept button and fill in all required information. After getting tickets, you will get notifications and updates by that page.

→ Share it with your friends so they can attend as well, as many people as possible should know about this event = more people attend = more fun + highest chances to get inside “the golden room” = an unforgettable experience 🙂

Come join us to learn from the top minds in photography and create beautiful Instagram photos with a focus on storytelling:

→ How to take amazing landscape photos of your travels

→ How to share your personal moments in your everyday life

→ How to capture great candids of friends and family or popular Instagrammers

→ Everything about taking great portraits and making your photo subjects stand out

Start using Social Selling to build your personal brand.

→ 10$/post & under, with this strategy you’re investing in your own personal brand!

→ 100$/post, with this strategy you’ll earn money on top of building your own personal brand.

This is a paid event, seats limited, get yours now!

→ Send your request for an invite to 🔗vianca@weleo.com ←

Learn directly from the Instagram experts in one of the best Instagram events ever


Who are you guys?

We have built a massively successful online business since May 2014. In fact, we’ve already helped to make over 1,500k entrepreneurs across 70+ countries and the results speak for themselves. We’re here to make your businesses grow. And we’re willing to prove it.

You’ve got a personal brand account – but why aren’t you growing your following or engagement rate as quickly as you’d like?

Experience Instagram Live Q&A with Pat Flynn:

As an Instagram expert and a master certified coach of the platform, what is always fascinating is to know how other people grow on the platform?

~How does Personal Brand affect your business in terms of numbers?

~How do you know what content to post for success?

~Building your online community and its impact on driving more sales

~What are your daily schedule and how you manage your time to give attention to everything needed

~And many more topics that I am sure you want to know:)

Meet Rebecca Black, the author of “The Myth of the Nice Girl”.

Follow Rebecca Black: instagram.com/rebeccablackonline/

We’ll invite entrepreneurs to ask her questions on how a self-advocating woman can find success in business.

I have tons of events, and I also have public figures that have public events in my mind map. I also have all the email marketing campaigns, so I use those events, but I always share it with a super value place holder image, since it’s not fully developed yet.

When you’re freelancing or working for yourself, you actually are getting more done, because you’re not watching the clock. You can start and finish when you want to. That’s the advantage of being your own boss.

As an employee, you’re treated like part of a machine where less than 4 hours is definitely not an hour, only productivity counts without any tasks to work on your true passion or interests, rules are always there to stop you from creating anything new about you that furthers your happiness.

It’s hard for me to remember what it felt like being in a structured job just being one cog in the wheel and getting bored easily by doing the same.

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