12 useful web pages but very little known


Below you will find a list of useful sites that would help most people but they probably would not have even thought they existed, somewhere in the corner of the World Wide Web. Take a look and you will probably find yourself in one of them!

Natural Reader

This is a text-to-speech website that allows you to copy any type of text that your computer will then read back to you aloud. This can be useful for many practices but especially when you have to listen aloud to what you have written, to notice any possible mistakes.

Color Schemes Generator (or, Colormind)

This site automatically generates a series of different colors that go with each other. Another option is to plug in a color combination you like and generate another series that goes with the latter. For anyone, from artists to ordinary art lovers or those who want to change the color of the walls and furniture of their apartment, this is the right site.

My Fridge Food

Enter here the names of the products or foods you have left in the fridge and the site automatically generates recipe ideas for your next meal. There is also a similar application with the same name.

Blank Slate

This is a very useful blank page when you need to take quick notes but you do not find a pencil and paper or Office Word program. Once you are done, this page allows you to save and copy what you have written.

PDF24 Tools

This site will help anyone who has been stuck in front of a computer screen at least once trying to open a PDF or edit it, of course without success. Here you can make your PDF practically anything you can think of, from captioning, converting, extracting, adding text / photos, logo, filigree, etc. If you want to change something about your PDF, this is the place to be.

Erase.bg or Remove.bg

Both of these pages are the right place for anyone to delete the background of a photo. For quick action, when you do not have the time or ability to go into detail, this is the page that comes to your aid. Modify your photos, remove the background for a passport photo, etc.


For a more advanced variant that gives you the ability to edit your photos with options similar to those of Photoshop, this is the right site. Anyone who does not need the super-advanced Photoshop options should try Photopea.


Forvo is for anyone who sees a word in another language (or yours!) And wants to know how it is pronounced, or how it would sound in different accents or dialects. People from all over the world have registered themselves by saying different words which are then uploaded to this website. Do not lose it!

Free Rice

Here you can have fun with word quizzes. For each of your answers, this site helps poor people with food. If you are going to sit in front of the computer all day doing nothing, at least here you know you can contribute to helping those in need. This site is sponsored by the United Nations.

Future Me

You can use this site to send an email to yourself in the future. Many users have been using it for years. They say it helps them to have a more detailed view of the changes they have undergone over the years. Use it to remind yourself of the things you really want to achieve.

Time and Date

Timeanddate.com is a useful site for calculating dates. If you have ever had to add or subtract certain dates, then this is the place to be. Manages to calculate the result in detail by years, days, hours and minutes. It is surprisingly very useful!


Outline.com helps you read articles you find on other websites without having to bother with all the ads. Here you can copy-paste the article and Outline will delete the images or ads and present only the text. It is perfect for anyone whose experience is ruined the moment they see ads for a toothpaste or conditioner behind every possible paragraph.

Author: Jane Jewellery

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