6 best selling products online


If you want to create an online store, there is one thing you must be very clear about: there must be demand for your products.

It doesn’t make much sense to spend money to set up a store with products that no one will buy.

In addition, to sell online, you should consider another important detail: online sales are completely different from traditional sales.

Physical sales ≠ Online sales

Just because a certain product or industry has a lot of demand in physical stores doesn’t mean it will have the same demand online (and vice versa).

To avoid any mistakes when it comes time to choose your industry and target audience for your store, today we will share with you the 6 best products to sell online.

With these products, the demand is guaranteed, but so is the competition.

Fashion items

Fashion is the best-selling industry in almost the entire world.

The increase in demand in the fashion industry in the online world is mainly due to improved return policies.

Before, it was difficult for someone to risk buying a shirt, pants or a jacket without knowing for sure if it would fit them well.

Whenever you have an idea, try to separate yourself from the emotions that make you feel and analyze it objectively. Ask yourself, who will I sell to? How will I reach those customers?


Very general: the term “fashion”. This means that there are many different types of fashion that fall under this umbrella term. If you try to cover them all, you will surely fail.

Technical difficulties: do you know anything about textile design, materials and suppliers

Risk of returned products: users are used to being able to return products without giving reasons why.

People buy a lot: clothes and fashion in general are the best-selling products because people are no longer afraid to buy them online.

Technology makes it very easy: thanks to videos and photos, you will be able to show customers products as if they were seeing them in person.

It’s a fast-moving sector: new products are released every day, as well as new trends to capitalize on—and that’s great for a content marketing strategy.
Here are some tips:

Specialize as much as you can: don’t just start a clothes shop – find a style, a specific garment or even a specific model from even just one brand and aim to be the best.

Create a philosophy of your own, every brand has a philosophy on which the concept of your entire store is based.

Start using dropshipping: if you don’t want to invest in a warehouse, try this option which allows you to have your own store without investing in material/goods.

Travel and tourism

If there is one industry that has adapted well to the online revolution, it is the tourism industry.

In Albania it may not be a practice yet, but abroad, no one remembers the last time they bought a plane ticket, booked a hotel room, or bought a concert or tour ticket physically.

In the past, we all went to travel agencies, but now we can organize our trips from home with a computer and a few clicks.

Although this industry may have long been dominated by the ‘giants’, new players are constantly being added as they compete with content, original guides, special destinations and cheap tickets.

Specialization is the key to breaking into the travel industry.

Companies such as Booking or Trip Advisor cover all micro-niches in the sector, but they are very horizontal – they cover many aspects.

A vertical business will cover, for example, only hotels with swimming pools in a particular city. The information is deeper and more specific than that provided on a mega-website. Your customers will thank you, and so will Google.

Technology products

It’s interesting that tech products aren’t the number one seller, isn’t it?

The main reason behind the decline in sales is the lack of customer assurance.

When you buy a piece of technology from a physical establishment, you tend to have a lot more confidence because in the event of a malfunction, they will be there to repair it.

The positive thing about this sector is that there is a huge supply because the technology is advancing rapidly.

This is essential for a content curation strategy in which you can analyze the products of the “future”.

The downside, again, is that there are many well-established bloggers and websites with a large volume of business already reviewing and comparing devices.

Second-hand sales

Although eBay is no longer what it was years ago, second-hand sales remain one of the best-selling products on the Internet.

The ease with which you can find a product that sells for half the price and is in excellent condition is unmatched in almost any brick-and-mortar store.

Beyond that, the world of secondhand sales opens up opportunities to find and sell almost any type of product.

There are shops of all kinds: electronics, clothing, luxury goods, tickets, books, cars, etc.

If that wasn’t enough, the demand for used products has increased among middle and high income populations.

Buying used products is no longer stigmatized as being for those of low economic status, but rather as a love for quality products that fights the “Made in China” trend.

Wallapop is an application that has more than 20 million users in Spain alone.

Online courses / Coaching

It’s hard not to notice how popular e-learning is becoming.

Recently many online learning platforms have appeared; like Video2Brain (recently acquired by LinkedIn), or Udemy.

Specific education in some fields is surpassing general education (such as university and master’s degrees).

Although we live in a global environment in which finding a job is becoming increasingly difficult, it is understandable that the demand for online training is increasing.

The key to this change is that users are no longer afraid to learn without obtaining a degree or certificate.

Author: Jane Jewellery

Jane Jewellery is a famous Facebook Star, who was born on August 2, 1994 in Australia. Jane Jewellery is a model and makeup artist who became popular through her Facebook account which has amassed over 1.500,000 followers. According to Astrologers, Jane Jewellery's zodiac sign is Leo. Jane Jewellery is originally from Australia.