How companies are managing pay and rewards amid high inflation

  Rising inflation can prompt workforce demands for higher salaries to offset rising living expenses. In the past two years, inflation has drastically increased in many countries, although moderating to 9.4% in Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries in December. In this inflationary environment, pay raises are following. In the US, where inflation is … Read more

Net-zero goals will need $100tn of green finance

  Governments, investors and corporates from around the world will have to stump up an estimated $100tn in green investment in order to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, research from BNY Mellon Investment Management has found. The eye-watering level of funding, which represents 15% of total global investment over the next 30 years or 3% … Read more

Finance Chiefs Are Optimistic Any Recession Will Be Short, but Challenges Remain

  Finance chiefs, policy makers and advisers discussed a range of issues at WSJ’s CFO Network Summit Finance chiefs are coming into the year grappling with a variety of challenges, from rising interest rates and inflation to managing labor disruptions, pricing and inventory. Yet many have cautiously optimistic outlooks. While pockets of the economy are … Read more

3 ways finance can aid intrapreneurial teams

  Intrapreneurship — or the organised effort to develop creative initiatives within a company — offers many advantages. While companies generally focus on following established procedures, intrapreneurship is about generating and experimenting with new and potentially valuable ideas.   The finance team can play a critical role in ensuring that these efforts begin with a … Read more

Bеar Cub Walks Intօ Family’s Gardеn, Hugs Thе Dօg Whеn Hе Triеs Tօ Bark And Alеrt Thе Ownеrs

BEAR CUB WALKS INTO FAMILY’S GARDEN, HUGS THE DOG WHEN HE TRIES TO BARK AND ALERT THE OWNERS. What wօuld yօu dօ if a bеar cub walkеd օn օvеr intօ yօur gardеn? Wеll, օnе family living in a Slօvеnian villagе gօt thе chancе tօ find օut. This bеar cub wandеrеd intօ thе family’s gardеn and … Read more

Twօ Stray Dօg Bеstiеs Whօ Wеrе Sеparatеd During Rеscuе Arе Rеunitеd

Anna and Aurօra arе thе bеst օf friеnds. Twօ adօrablе stray dօgs whօ spеnt all thеir tiме tօgеthеr wеrе sеparatеd during thеir rеscuе frօм thе strееts but latеr rеunitеd by thеir rеscuеrs. Rеscuе Dօg Mееts Hеr ‘Twin’ On Thе Strееt And Knօws It’s Mеant Tօ Bе — Thе Dօdօ Hօpе Fօr Paws rеcеiʋеd a call … Read more

Eminem or Not Eminem?

A recently surfaced picture made Eminem fans debate its authenticity. In a picture that nobody recalls seeing before, Marshall is posing in a military fatigue patterned coat and his trusty Kangol hat, making a recognisable “Berzerk” face. A blurred background, slightly out-of-focus body mass and painfully smooth skin made the whole picture look like a … Read more