Why has my Lab suddenly become rebellious??

So that you’ve skilled your canine into the proper little soldier and he’s cruising together with all the things all enjoyable and video games when unexpectedly (gasp!) he out of the blue has “selective listening to,” forgets former coaching he used to like, and develops fast, unusual dangerous habits. Does he appear to nearly be ‘testing you?’ This stage WILL cross…however when are you able to count on it to BEGIN and finish and how are you going to cope with it swiftly and fully?

It hits someplace between 6-15 mos. There’s no ‘set age’ per se. And the excellent news is you aren’t alone, and that is regular, throughout all breeds. And there are quite a few methods to sway your pet’s distraction. A robust bond fashioned throughout canine adolescence is very rewarding and inspired to an amazing diploma.

Persistence and consistency repay, in addition to loads of train, a relaxed voice, and a humorousness will go a good distance. Each men and women will get a hormone surge and get a development spurt and perhaps lose some tooth. Hold reinforcement coaching to little and infrequently and ensure your pet has an lively session of pleasurable play afterward as a reward. You could end up repeating stuff you probably did at 8 weeks—however don’t worry—they gained’t neglect—quickly they are going to get by this stage and be again to themselves once more. The extra endurance and consistency you present throughout this time will assist make it shorter and simpler.

Take coronary heart: An elephant takes 15 or 16 years to mature, Gorillas as much as 12 years, and hippopotamuses 7-10 years. And naturally, people are slow-maturing additionally.

Canine Pleasant Hockey Video games

In search of a brand new solution to have enjoyable along with your pet? Then assist your native minor league or school hockey workforce at a “Pucks and Paws” sport the place canine are welcome!

Doing new issues collectively is a part of the enjoyable of getting pets. And never many pups can say they’ve seen a canine pleasant hockey sport!

After slightly sniffing round, we found that quite a lot of minor league hockey groups throughout the nation host canine pleasant hockey video games. So, we dug in and located 30 you possibly can attend along with your pup in the course of the 2022-2023 season!

If of different canine pleasant hockey video games we missed, please tell us within the feedback and we’ll add them to the checklist!

Canine Pleasant Hockey Video games
2022-2023 Season


Erie, PA – Saturday, October 22, 2022 – The Otters host the Owen Sound Assaults.

Fargo, North Dakota – Saturday, October 28, 2022 – The Power host the Sioux Metropolis Musketeers.

Hartford, Connecticut – Tuesday, October 29, 2022 – The Wolfpack host the Charlotte Checkers.

Austin, Texas – Sunday, October 30, 2022 – The Stars host the Grand Rapids Griffons.


Charleston, South Carolina – Sunday, November 6, 2022 – The Stingrays host the Orlando Photo voltaic Bears.

Look ahead to the annual lap canine race in the course of the first intermission!

Coralville, Iowa – Sunday, November 6, 2022 – The Heartlanders host the Fort Wayne Komets.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Wednesday, November 16, 2022 – The Cyclones host the Allen People.

Salt Lake Metropolis, Utah – Friday, November 18, 2022 – The Grizzlies host the Idaho Steelheads.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Saturday, November 19, 2022 – The Admirals host the Iowa Wild.


Des Moines, Iowa – Sunday, December 4, 2022 – The Wild host the Chicago Wolves.

And the primary 400 canine get a poop bag dispenser.

Fargo, North Dakota – Friday, December 16, 2022 – The Power host the Sioux Falls Stampede.

Get pleasure from Corgi races on the Intermission.

Loveland, Colorado – Saturday, December 17, 2022 – The Eagles host the San Jose Barracuda.


Evansville, Indiana – Saturday, January 7, 2023 – The Thunderbolts host the Peoria Rivermen.

Canine can put on costumes to be entered in a contest. And at Intermission, they’ll characteristic their wild canine races.

Moline, Illinois – Sunday, January 8, 2022 – The Storm host the Fayetteville Marksmen.

Signal your pup up for the Quad Metropolis Storm canine membership and get an unique Storm leash, a ticket for his or her homeowners, and tons of nice presents and treats from K9 Resorts.

Toledo, Ohio – Sunday, January 8, 2023 – The Walleye host the Cincinnati Cyclones.


Norfolk, Virginia – Saturday, February 4, 2023 – The Admirals host the Troise-Rivieres Lions.

Charleston, South Carolina – Sunday, February 19, 2023 – The Stingrays host the Jacksonville Icemen.

Throughout intermission there can be an on-ice race for larger breeds!


Kalamazoo, Michigan – Saturday, March 4, 2023 – The Wings host the Tulsa Oilers.

Springfield, Massachusetts – Saturday, March 18, 2023 – The Thunderbirds host the Windfall Bruins.

Hartford, CT – Friday, March 24, 2023 – The Hartford Wolf Pack host the Springfield Thunderbirds.

Johnstown, PA – Saturday, March 25, 2023 – The Tomahawks host the Philadelphia Rebels.

Roanoke, Virginia – Sunday, March 26, 2023 – The Rail Yard Dawgs host the Knoxville Ice Bears.

Charlotte, North Carolina – Sunday, March 26, 2023 – The Checkers host the Windfall Bruins.


Youngstown, Ohio – Saturday, April 1, 2023 – The Phantoms host the Muskegon Lumberjacks.

Cincinnati, Ohio – Saturday, April 1, 2023 – The Cyclones host the Wheeling Nailers.

Don’t miss the Wiener Canine Races throughout intermission!

Cleveland, Ohio – Sunday, April 2, 2023 – The Monsters host the Hershey Bears.

Des Moines, Iowa – Sunday, April 2, 2023 – The Wild host the San Diego Gulls. The primary 400 canine get a rope toy.

Rockford, Illinois – Sunday, April 2, 2023 – The IceHogs host the Grand Rapids Griffons.

Toledo, Ohio – Sunday, April 2, 2023 – The Walleye host the South Carolina Stingrays.

Indianapolis, Indiana – Saturday, April 8, 2023 – The Gasoline host the Iowa Heartlanders within the final canine pleasant hockey sport of the season.

Canine Pleasant Hockey Recreation Etiquette

Every stadium has its personal necessities for proof of vaccinations, weight limits, and different particulars. Make sure you go to the workforce’s web site or name the ticket workplace to verify the main points earlier than buying your tickets and benefit from the sport!

Why is Breed-Specific Dog Food a Better Option than Standard Dog Food?

If you are the owner of a purebred dog, then you would probably be looking for the best diet for your four-legged friend. From German Shepherd to Labrador, every species is unique in its way.

When feeding a breed-specific dog, you need to consider their different genetic traits and nutritional needs, so that you can buy  the most appropriate diet. To fulfill the unique dietary requirements of these dogs, feeding them the right food can help them live a healthy and happy life.

For providing your purebred with optimal nutrition, choose a breed-specific food that meets the particular requirements of your furry friend.

Say for instance, German Shepherds are prone to digestive problems, Dalmatians get urinary stones, and Golden Retrievers are prone to skin problems. Many of these ailments can be easily treated as a part of their diet by feeding them the proper nutrients. So, it is rightly said that providing breed-specific nutrition to your puppy will have more significant health benefits.

Benefits of Breed-specific dog food:

  • Shiny coat: Each purebred has a unique skin in texture and color. Breed-specific food helps maintain the shine and softness of your dog’s coat by catering to its need.
  • Better digestion: Certain breeds have a sensitive digestive system. For example, a German shepherd needs care for its digestive health. Hence, giving them food that is exclusively made for them will help in improving their digestion.
  • Suitable for Fast Eaters: Some breeds like Labrador and Siamese chew down their food at a breakneck pace, leading to digestive problems. Feeding them larger kibble sizes helps slow down the chewing speed, thus improving their digestive health.
  • Healthy skin: From sensitive to wrinkled skin, every breed has a different skin that acts as a barrier to keep them protected. Breed-specific dog food contains specific nutrients that support that particular skin type, keeping it healthy.
  • Kibble shape: One of the most vital benefits of feeding breed-specific food to your dog is kibble size. As different breeds have unique jaw structures and eating behaviors, the kibble size, texture, and shape of the food will vary as per their biting patterns and the sttructure of jaw.

For example, Small breed dogs require kibbles in a small size, while doughnut-shaped kibbles are suitable for large breed dogs like Labrador Retrievers.

  • Promotes overall health: Breed-specific food contains ingredients specific to a particular breed that help aid the health issues of that breed to bring out their unique best. For example, food designed for large breed dogs usually has ingredients that support healthy joints, weight management, and healthy teeth.

Importance of Kibble Shape for Dogs:

It’s essential to feed your dog foods having proper kibble shape. Small-shaped kibbles are suitable for small breed dogs and pets with brachycephalic jaws. For example, Dachshunds have dental genetic problems, so feeding them food with dental benefits and specific kibble size helps them with their genetic disorders.

Why Choose IAMS’s Tailored Nutrition For Your Pets?

IAMS is driven to create pet-specific nutritional solutions tailored across life stage/pet sizes with visible results. All the products of IAMS are designed to ensure that each pet is at its unique best every day.

IAMS dog food is enriched with natural ingredients that bolsters the overall health of your dogs. For example, essential fatty acids like DHA & Omega 3 that boost cognitive skills & trainability, L-carnitine ensures health weight management in large breed adult dogs while beet pulp & FOS support a healthy digestion in small & medium breed adult dogs,

Nutrients like low ash protein support strong muscles in puppies, wheras STPP and fish oil promoes stronger teeh and healthy skin & coat respectively in adult dogs.

Also, the nutritional requirments of dogs change at various stages of life. For example, puppies are more susceptible to diseases and need more energy as they grow fast, for which they require highly digestible proteins & energy-dense food. They also need 3 x more Vit E than adult dogs each day.

In addition, IAMS food contains enhanced DHA for puppies that improve their trainability performance.

Choose IAMS goodness for your pooch:

-Recommended by US veterinarians

-IAMS is a global brand

-Premium tailored recipes for pets

-Backed by the expertise of the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition

IAMS Unique Recipes Tailored to Meet Unique Requirements of Different Breeds:

  • German Shepherd: German Shepherd breed is prone to digestive issues; hence IAMS Dog Food for German Shepherd contains a blend of beet pulp and prebiotics (FOS) that supports healthy digestion. Also, Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate have been added for supporting healthy joints. Essential fatty acids like Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids support healthy skin and coat.

Important vitamins and minerals like Calcium and Magnesium have been added in the diet for supporting a healthy heart while natural antioxidants, including vitamin E, support excellent natural defense.

  • Golden Retriever: As Golden Retrievers are more vulnerable prone to skin problems, IAMS Dog Food for Golden Retriever contains omega 6 and 3 fatty acids to keep their skin and coat healthy. It also contains L-Carnitine for healthy weight management. Besides, kibbles of this diet consist of STPP that promotes excellent dental hygiene.
  • Pug: IAMS Dog Food for Pug contains a blend of beet pulp and prebiotics (FOS) for healthy digestion, and a mineral like L-carnitine supports good metabolism. While important fatty acids omega 6 and 3 fatty acids promote a healthy skin and coat, kibbles with STPP strengthen their teeth. Vtamin E, being a good antioxidant helps in boosting the defence mechanism of the dogs.

IAMS breed-specific dog food contains all the right ingredients and nutrients tailored to meet the unique needs of different dogs. That’s why veterinarians recommend IAMS. If you own a purebred, you need to understand your dog’s nutritional needs and feed them with breed-specific nutrition to bring out their best.


Stuck at Home with Your Dog: Try These 7 Activities

Are you looking for ways to tire out your favorite pup and keep him from getting bored while stuck at home this winter? Me too! Under normal circumstances, traveling with my dogs is my favorite way to spend a weekend, especially when we can hike new trails, drive back roads, and visit dog-friendly restaurant patios.

With travel on hold and remote work keeping us tethered to a home office, I’ve been seeking ways to keep my dogs happy and healthy without venturing too far. Despite the winter weather and being stuck at home, my dogs still need exercise, interaction, and love, and yours do too.

Hanging with my dogs is one of the best ways to get myself out of a funk, and no matter how annoyed I get when they constantly drop toys at my feet when I’m working it, the truth is that I always appreciate their persistence.

Looking for some creative ways to spend time with your dog while you’re stuck at home? Here are some of our favorite ways to adventure together, indoors and out.

Teach Your Dog Some New Tricks

You probably already know this, but dogs really love learning new tricks, no matter how well trained they already are. The best way to teach your pup something new is to commit to practicing short, 15-minute sessions every day.

If your dog hasn’t learned the basics, like sit, stay, down, and come, that’s a good place to start. After that, the sky’s the limit. Teach your pup to stand on a skateboard, crawl through a tunnel, and jump through a hoop. Not only is trick training a stimulating activity when you can’t take your dog for a long walk, but it will turn them into life-long learners.

When it comes to trick training, use positive reinforcement techniques to help shape your dog’s behavior. During the early stages of learning a new skill, reward for approximation and effort. As your dog starts to understand what’s expected, hold back rewards until they do what you ask.

Give Your Dog a Spa Day

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Treat your pup to some pampering while you’re stuck at home. Start with a warm bath, a towel dry, and a good brushing, followed by a pedicure.

If you’re new to cutting your dog’s nails, start slow. We teach our dogs to love nail-cutting by doing one nail at a time, followed by a tasty treat. I know some dog owners who give their dog a Kong stuffed with treats and peanut butter to chew on while they clip. This is too distracting for my dogs and makes them wiggly. Instead, I fill a little bowl with treats, sit on the floor and ask the dogs to lie next to me. My dogs recognize the nail-clipping bowl and as soon as they see it they settle down and put their paws in my lap.

When you’ve finished clipping your dog’s nails, rub some soothing paw wax into their pads and elbows. Follow it all up with a doggie massage. Your pup never had it so good.

Go on a Sniffari

A sniffari is more than just a dog walk; it’s a walk where your dog gets to follow his nose while you follow along with the end of the leash. It’s fun to do sniffaris somewhere new, like a local park or trail, but you can also do them right in your backyard.

The idea here is to let your dog lead the way, so be prepared to go off course, spend a few minutes at the local pee tree, and visit places you would have never thought to check out.

You should obviously keep your dog away from anything gross or dangerous, but otherwise, it’s fun to let your pup lead the way. We use a 16-30 foot long lead for snifaris, so our dogs have a bit more freedom.

Have a Doggie Photo Shoot

Admit it. You already love taking photos of your dog, so why not plan a doggie photoshoot? This is the perfect activity after those spa treatments when your dog is looking his best. Dress your dog up in a colorful bandana and capture his best side. Selfies work too!

We’ve got black dogs right now and they’re notoriously hard to get good photos of. Natural outdoor lighting is best if you’re trying to capture a dark-colored dog. If you don’t have your own personal photographer, set your phone or camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter to get the shot.

Make Your Dog Some Healthy Treats

There are lots of ways to pamper your pet while stuck at home, and since everyone seems to be baking up a storm these days, why not invest some of that creative energy into cooking for your dog?

Our pups adore peanut butter. We can’t even open a jar without them running from wherever they are in the house to see if we’re making them something special. We’ve tried a bunch of different recipes, but so far, our dogs’ favorite recipe is the one for Granola Peanut Butter Crunchies.

Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog

Hide and seek is one of our favorite games to play with the pups on rainy days, and we’ve been doing it a lot while stuck at home as well. We’ve got two variations that we play, and the dogs love them both.

At first, I send the dogs to their beds and tell them to stay. I find a place to hide and then give a whistle. The dogs come running, and when they find me, they shower me with dog kisses and I give them some tasty treats. My favorite place to hide is behind the shower curtain. The downside to this version is that it’s pretty easy to run out of hiding spots, especially if you live in a small house as I do. Also, your dog needs to have a pretty good stay for this to work.

The next one is easier because I lock the dogs in the mudroom so I can hide their favorite ball or toy. Once I’ve hidden it, I let them out and ask them, “Where’s your toy?” Flynn will play this one all day. Malinda, who is still young, just follows Flynn around and then gets really excited when he finds the toy.

Playing hide and seek indoors or out gives the dogs physical and mental exercise, and is perfect for days when it’s too cold to get our exercise outdoors.

Exercise with Your Dog

A daily dog walk is a must in our house, but since we’ve been stuck at home, we’ve been taking two or three shorter walks just to get outside. Some days we take a leisurely walk in the woods. Other days, we run the trails or go for a hike with a steep ascent to get our hearts pumping. Flynn’s happiest moments are playing fetch, so we make sure to do some of that too. Exercising is way more fun with a dog or two by your side, and you know what they say – a tired dog is a happy dog.


How And When To Switch From Puppy To Adult Dog Food

A dog’s lifespan can be categorized into three age groups: puppyhood, adulthood, and senior years. As it ages, your dog’s dietary requirements transition to accommodate its changing needs. Also, their appetite may transform as they mature. This is why it’s essential to know the best time to switch brands and types of kibbles that’d suit your dog’s health and eating habits.

Food for puppies is designed to be packed with calories and essential nutrients for building bones and muscles and strengthening their bodily systems. Meanwhile, many adult dogs require calories, nutrients, and protein in specific amounts to maintain their strength while staying at a healthy weight. Because of the difference in the dietary requirements, dogs must be given the type of nourishment appropriate for their age.

If you’d like some suggestions on how and when to change your dog’s diet from puppy food to adult dog food, you can consider the following tips:

  • Consider The Dog’s Age And Breed Size 

Dogs around six to 12 months of age commonly display readiness for transitioning to adult dog food. Some of these signs include leftover portions of food after each feeding session or skipped meals, which signifies that the dog may have already felt full with less puppy food since it’s calorie-dense.

Apart from these signs, you can also consider your dog’s breed size when thinking about switching to adult dog food.

Dogs of smaller breeds such as corgis, pugs, and chihuahuas tend to mature faster, with many reaching adulthoods between seven and nine months of age. On the other hand, medium-sized dog breeds such as basset hounds, border collies, and beagles usually mature after 12 to 16 months of life. Finally, the largest dog breeds like Great Danes, Rottweilers, and Saint Bernards can take up to two years to reach maturity.

To prevent obesity and nutritional imbalances, you can consult your veterinarian for the recommended dog food best-suited to your furry friend. This step is crucial to avoid giving matured dogs puppy food, which can cause bone weakness, diarrhoea, and unwanted weight gain in the long run.

  • Adjust Food Portions And Feeding Times 

Since puppies require more nutrition to boost their growth and development, they’re usually allowed to have several small meals throughout the day.

For instance, puppies under four months old may eat solid food four to five times each day. Feedings are usually done between breastfeeding sessions to help them transition to eating and wean them from milk more efficiently. After four months, they can have three feedings per day. Meanwhile, treats should be limited to 10% of their daily nutritional intake to maintain balance.

It’s said that a dog’s caloric intake requirement gradually decreases as it matures. Thus, it’s essential to switch to adult dog food that matches their needs. Also, its food intake should be gradually cut down to two feedings a day to ensure proper weight management and adequate digestion. To do this effectively, it’s essential to stick to a set feeding schedule. Doing so will prevent grazing and encourage healthy feeding behaviours, such as eating and chewing slowly.

When it comes to portions, each food serving should be measured and prepared according to the instructions on its label. Aside from this, it’s also essential to consider the dog’s weight and the vet’s recommendations based on its health status. Lastly, treats should only be limited to one to two servings per day to prevent overeating.

  • Observe Your Dog’s Feeding Behaviour 

Another way of telling whether your dog is ready for adult food is by observing its feeding behaviour. One good indication that it’s ready for a change of diet is by seeing how much food it consumes per feeding and if there are any noticeable changes in its appetite. If the dog is ready for lighter feeding intended for adults, more puppy food leftovers will be left after each feeding session.

Plus, your dog may suddenly seem picky or have less appetite than usual. Some may also skip meals, become sluggish, or have stomach problems because of the nutrient-dense puppy food. If this happens, consult your vet immediately and seek treatment right away. Furthermore, consult with your veterinarian about helping your dog adjust to adult nutrition and feeding patterns.

Once you’ve confirmed your dog’s readiness for adult food, you can create a feeding plan to help your dog transition to a new diet with ease. Depending on your dog’s appetite and food preferences, it can take some time before it gets used to eating less amount of food twice daily. To make this process easier, you can serve adult dog food on specific days of the week until your dog gets more comfortable and shows good health with its new nutritional plan.

Meanwhile, you can also consult your vet, especially if your dog has special dietary needs or health issues. Additionally, some dogs require more time to adjust to a new diet, and it might take a few attempts at different flavour profiles and brands before you can find one that best suits your dog’s tastes. Hence, it’s essential to be patient with transitioning and make adjustments that would help your dog consume the right amount of food and nutrients.

  • Encourage Healthy Mealtime Behavior 

Transitioning to an adult diet may be the best time also to improve its behaviour during feeding. Aside from making mealtimes more convenient and hassle-free, healthy feeding behaviours can also significantly benefit your dog’s health and well-being.

For instance, if your dog has a habit of eating too fast, changing its food and portion sizes may encourage it to slow down. On the other hand, dogs that consume too much food would benefit from having smaller meals with intervals to help them unlearn old eating habits and eat a sufficient amount of food per feeding session.


Your dog’s diet and feeding schedule should be based on their health and age requirements and the vet’s recommendations. As your dog grows older and matures, it’s essential to make the necessary changes in their meals and nutrition intake to ensure that they’re optimal for their health and well-being. In addition, doing so will help prevent sickness or discomfort and prolong their lifespan.


Dog Training: How To Completely Train Your Dog

Are you ready to train your dog? Training dogs isn’t always easy if you’ve ever had a dog. It can be downright frustrating. However, if you’re really willing to put in the time and effort, you’ll be able to have a pet who listens to every command with ease.

Dog training is a skill that takes time, patience, and practice. Nevertheless, with the proper technique and practice, you can train your dog to do just about anything.

With so many different ways to train your dog, it can be hard to figure out which strategy is most useful for you and your pup. In that case, here are some simple tips on how to get you started:

Teaching your dog some basic commands is the first step in training him. A dog that knows basic commands is easier to train and will have a better relationship with the family. These will allow you to communicate with your dog and create a bond of trust. Aside from training your dog, you can seek assistance from professionals like The Dog Wizard , which can also help you train your pup. Here are the most important commands your new puppy must know:

This is one of the easiest commands for dogs to learn. It can be used when you want them to stop doing something or when you want them to wait for something. For example, if your dog is jumping up on people or furniture, tell your pup to sit and then praise them when they do so.

This command works well when you need your dog to sit still or lay down. Many dogs learn this command quickly because they already know how to lie down on their own. Once again, they must receive positive reinforcement when they obey this command so they’ll continue to listen in future situations.

This command is incredibly beneficial when trying to get something done, like putting away groceries or making dinner for friends without having your pup underfoot causing problems around the house. However, keep in mind that this command does not work well when there is an interesting smell nearby or some other distraction that might tempt your pup.

One of the most important lessons new dog owners must learn is patience. Dogs are like little kids who need a lot of attention and training. But, unlike kids, it’s easy to get frustrated with your dog when they don’t listen or obey. Training takes time, and if you rush through the process or try too many techniques at once, it won’t work either.

Instead of trying every method, stick with one method until it works consistently before moving on to another. By sticking with one plan and being patient with it, you’ll see better results sooner than if you tried something else entirely different right off the bat. Be consistent when training your dog. This will help your fur baby learn faster and make training easier for both of you.

  • Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a way to train dogs that involves rewarding good behavior. It’s a simple, effective method of training your dog with treats and praise. It’s the opposite of negative reinforcement, which uses punishment to correct bad behavior.

Positive reinforcement works by rewarding the behavior you want to see more of. This can be accomplished by rewarding your dog with treats or praise when they do something right. You can also use toys or games as rewards for good behavior. When using positive reinforcement, it’s important to remember not to overdo it. Otherwise, your dog might depend on food or other rewards to perform a trick or follow a command.

The best approach to training your dog is to establish trust. The more you can build trust with your dog, the more effective your training will be. Trust is built by using positive reinforcement and praise. This means you reward good behavior with treats and attention, but you never punish bad behavior.

To build trust with your dog, ensure you always follow through with a command they’ve learned and done well. If your pup doesn’t do what you’ve asked, don’t punish them, but don’t give your dog any treats. Instead, go back to square one and start over again until they get it right.

  • Use Proper Training Equipment

The most necessary thing is to get the right equipment for your dog. The wrong equipment can make training difficult and frustrating for both of you.

Here are the common types of training equipment and what they’re used for:

Leashes keep your dog close to you while walking, playing, or working with them. They should be long enough to allow you to use them to control your dog and short enough that your pup cannot get tangled up in them.

There are several styles of collars available, but all of them should fit snugly around your dog’s neck so your fur baby cannot slip its head out. If you have any questions about which kind of collar will work best on your dog, talk to a professional trainer or visit a pet store that provides quality pet supplies.

Harnesses are similar to collars in that they fit around the neck area and attach with buckles at each end. However, unlike standard collars, harnesses don’t restrict movement much because they distribute pressure evenly across your dog’s body.

The clicker is made of plastic with a metal tongue inside it. When you press the button at the top of the clicker, there’s enough pressure to make a sound but not enough pressure to break the plastic or hurt your fingers.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to train your dog, we hope this guide has been helpful. Teaching your dog new tricks and behaviors can be challenging, but it’s important to remember that your dog wants to please you.

Also, it’s important to remember that dogs are individuals. Some dogs will learn quickly, while others will need more time and patience. Consider consulting a professional trainer if you’re having trouble with any behavioral issues or training difficulties.


At home, your pup is cheerful, confident, and into everything. But when you introduce her to a group of dogs, she begins to yawn and scratch. Is she itchy? Too tired? More than likely you have a “cautious pup” and she was feeling uncertain, so she sent an “include me out” signal to other dogs. It’s unclear as to if other dogs pick up this body language as when we observe a human shift in their seat constantly, or also yawns incessantly.

***Yawning or scratching are exclusive actions:  they don’t imply any invitation to another dog to join in or to investigate***

Some pups will overcome the nerves, and others will just bounce right along. But if your pup has not gotten to interact much with other dogs, they may become overwhelmed. If this is the case, it may be good to go back and start with meeting one dog, then two, then more—in a slower progression. If you know a particularly confident dog or puppy that is tolerant of other dogs and puppies, arrange a play date of gentle play to increase your puppy’s confidence, which will make a room full of dogs (or a show site full of dogs–or a puppy class) less intimidating.

SPECIES WATCH:  Many animals will behave this way which resembles grooming when uncomfortable. If you’ve ever come upon a bird and get too close you may notice it starts to clean itself exaggeratedly, preening, and repeatedly wiping its bill. Most domestic cat owners will attest to the ‘cat mantra’ with this when feeling uncomfortable or under pressure: if in doubt, wash.


19 Pit Bull Owners Share Best Shampoos for Itchy & Sensitive Skin

There’s nothing worse than watching your pit bull suffers from itchy skin allergies. We asked our community of over 800,000 pit bull owners the following question: What shampoo do you recommend for a pit bull with itchy or sensitive skin? We’ve summarized the best responses below. Always remember to check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your pit bull’s health;

19 Best Hypoallergenic Shampoos for Pit Bull’s with Itchy/Sensitive Skin

I work in a vet clinic.. this is what my girl been using. It’s the best!

👍 Upvotes: 2


As a professional dog groomer and pitty owner. I suggest a good Tea Tree oil/aloe dog shampoo. (Espree makes a good one) And if itchy and yeasty, zymox. But generally skin issues are a result of internal allergies such as food.

👍 Upvotes: 44

I use this one for my baby, he’s allergic to almost everything. Pits are very high maintenance dogs people don’t realize it. Love my pittie and I wouldn’t change him for nothing, he’s my needy baby.


👍 Upvotes: 14

I’ve used an oatmeal bath to soak, baby shampoo, then applied coconut oil to any bad spots. My pit we found out was allergic to fleas. Just one bite, and he’d go into a fit. I’d look into what’s in your dog’s food too. I rescued one that was allergic to grain. He went on a raw diet, and it helped.

👍 Upvotes: 37

I use hempz it smells so good and leaves her coat soft!!


👍 Upvotes: 11

Full strength Rinse off of them really good My take a bath a week for several weeks until it starts really working good our dog doesn’t have any problems anymore

👍 Upvotes: 17

Shampoo only puts a Band-Aid on the problem. Fix the situation from the inside out, dog probably has allergies and food sensitivities that should be addressed otherwise the problem will never go away.



👍 Upvotes: 5

My pitty has sensitive skin and allergies. This is a bit costly, worth the price though.

👍 Upvotes: 6

This is what I use for my pit mix. He has very sensitive skin and a ton of allergies. This helps soothe his skin when he has flare ups. Wouldn’t use this as a cure, but it definitely helps soothe the itching.



👍 Upvotes: 3

Chlorhexadine dog shampoo. That stuff is magic. Works for everything. My pitbull had stinky itchy skin as a pup and this cleared the problem. This shampoo is what vets recommend and it has worked for any and all problems with skin rashes, hot spot, smell, itch, even insect bites. Check the reviews and you will see.

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IT STARTS WITH DIET from the inside out. what’s going on or lacking on the inside, will show up on the outside!! improve the NUTRITION!



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Found my Pitty is allergic to chicken and certain types of grain. Changed her food and she takes an organic probiotic for sensitive stomach once with her morning meal. Works wonders. Finding the cause is the key.

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I use Scentsy Best Bud Suds. My pit is allergic to grass and takes appoquel. This is a hypo allergenic shampoo that also moistureizes.


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Chevy has had skin issues for years and this was prescribed at one point and it is all we have used for 8 plus years.

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Trizchlor (recommended by dermatologist and available on Amazon) …. or for dry skin Tropiclean Oxymed oatmeal ‘rinse’ ….. I have been dealing with this for over 9 years and those are the only two things that work for my dog. He wears a shirt in the winter when I turn my heat on. He is blue pitbull and Shar Pei mix. His fur is like brillo and he gets secondary skin infections.



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Try. CuteBenz. Benzoyl Peroxide 3% Medicated Shampoo. It worked really great on my princess

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Baby shampoo. Its the only shampoo i’ve found in 3 years that hasn’t left her skin dry and itchy. Used everything from oatmeal to prescription shampoos but i found that the yellow bottle of johnson & johnson baby shampoo off the shelf at walmart does the trick.

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Try a slurry of baking soda and water – you can actually make it quite watery. Shake container often between applications to keep it in solution. Should clean the skin and fur and neutralize the itchiness. Works on human hair/scalps just great, too. It’s what I’ve been using on myself for about three years now. Cheap. Easy. Effective. Makes my hair really clean and soft and surprising, I can go many days before repeating.

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My pit had sensitive skin and I used “Fresh ‘n Clean” Oatmeal shampoo. It smells great and helped her skin.



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Important note: The above suggestions were sourced from our pit bull owner community. Always do your own research and check with your veterinarian before making changes that affect your pit bull’s health. iHeartDogs is reader supported, so where applicable links above may be affiliate links to retailers at no additional cost to you. 


6 best selling products online

If you want to create an online store, there is one thing you must be very clear about: there must be demand for your products.

It doesn’t make much sense to spend money to set up a store with products that no one will buy.

In addition, to sell online, you should consider another important detail: online sales are completely different from traditional sales.

Physical sales ≠ Online sales

Just because a certain product or industry has a lot of demand in physical stores doesn’t mean it will have the same demand online (and vice versa).

To avoid any mistakes when it comes time to choose your industry and target audience for your store, today we will share with you the 6 best products to sell online.

With these products, the demand is guaranteed, but so is the competition.

Fashion items

Fashion is the best-selling industry in almost the entire world.

The increase in demand in the fashion industry in the online world is mainly due to improved return policies.

Before, it was difficult for someone to risk buying a shirt, pants or a jacket without knowing for sure if it would fit them well.

Whenever you have an idea, try to separate yourself from the emotions that make you feel and analyze it objectively. Ask yourself, who will I sell to? How will I reach those customers?


Very general: the term “fashion”. This means that there are many different types of fashion that fall under this umbrella term. If you try to cover them all, you will surely fail.

Technical difficulties: do you know anything about textile design, materials and suppliers

Risk of returned products: users are used to being able to return products without giving reasons why.

People buy a lot: clothes and fashion in general are the best-selling products because people are no longer afraid to buy them online.

Technology makes it very easy: thanks to videos and photos, you will be able to show customers products as if they were seeing them in person.

It’s a fast-moving sector: new products are released every day, as well as new trends to capitalize on—and that’s great for a content marketing strategy.
Here are some tips:

Specialize as much as you can: don’t just start a clothes shop – find a style, a specific garment or even a specific model from even just one brand and aim to be the best.

Create a philosophy of your own, every brand has a philosophy on which the concept of your entire store is based.

Start using dropshipping: if you don’t want to invest in a warehouse, try this option which allows you to have your own store without investing in material/goods.

Travel and tourism

If there is one industry that has adapted well to the online revolution, it is the tourism industry.

In Albania it may not be a practice yet, but abroad, no one remembers the last time they bought a plane ticket, booked a hotel room, or bought a concert or tour ticket physically.

In the past, we all went to travel agencies, but now we can organize our trips from home with a computer and a few clicks.

Although this industry may have long been dominated by the ‘giants’, new players are constantly being added as they compete with content, original guides, special destinations and cheap tickets.

Specialization is the key to breaking into the travel industry.

Companies such as Booking or Trip Advisor cover all micro-niches in the sector, but they are very horizontal – they cover many aspects.

A vertical business will cover, for example, only hotels with swimming pools in a particular city. The information is deeper and more specific than that provided on a mega-website. Your customers will thank you, and so will Google.

Technology products

It’s interesting that tech products aren’t the number one seller, isn’t it?

The main reason behind the decline in sales is the lack of customer assurance.

When you buy a piece of technology from a physical establishment, you tend to have a lot more confidence because in the event of a malfunction, they will be there to repair it.

The positive thing about this sector is that there is a huge supply because the technology is advancing rapidly.

This is essential for a content curation strategy in which you can analyze the products of the “future”.

The downside, again, is that there are many well-established bloggers and websites with a large volume of business already reviewing and comparing devices.

Second-hand sales

Although eBay is no longer what it was years ago, second-hand sales remain one of the best-selling products on the Internet.

The ease with which you can find a product that sells for half the price and is in excellent condition is unmatched in almost any brick-and-mortar store.

Beyond that, the world of secondhand sales opens up opportunities to find and sell almost any type of product.

There are shops of all kinds: electronics, clothing, luxury goods, tickets, books, cars, etc.

If that wasn’t enough, the demand for used products has increased among middle and high income populations.

Buying used products is no longer stigmatized as being for those of low economic status, but rather as a love for quality products that fights the “Made in China” trend.

Wallapop is an application that has more than 20 million users in Spain alone.

Online courses / Coaching

It’s hard not to notice how popular e-learning is becoming.

Recently many online learning platforms have appeared; like Video2Brain (recently acquired by LinkedIn), or Udemy.

Specific education in some fields is surpassing general education (such as university and master’s degrees).

Although we live in a global environment in which finding a job is becoming increasingly difficult, it is understandable that the demand for online training is increasing.

The key to this change is that users are no longer afraid to learn without obtaining a degree or certificate.