9 Tips For Flying With A Pet

Flying with a pet making you nervous? Here are 9 tips from experienced travelers to help you and your pet have a safe and enjoyable flight.

Flying With A Pet Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

If you’re faced with flying with a pet, chances are you feel scared. Arranging your pet’s reservation and getting all the required documents can be nerve-wracking. And then there are the concerns for your pet’s safety during the flight. Perhaps you’ve even considered driving to your destination instead. But if time is a factor, or you’re relocating to another part of the world, flying may be your only option.

If that’s the case, keep in mind that millions of animals fly each year in the United States alone. We hear about the tragedies and mishaps in the media, but the vast majority of pets in cargo arrive safely. Part of safe flying with a pet starts with you. Be sure to research the airline and talk to staff before and during your flight to help calm your fears. And, by following the tips below, you will feel more prepared for your flight so you can both fly with a bit less stress.

Tips for Flying With A Pet Safely

1. Talk to Your Vet

The first step when flying with a pet is to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. You want to ensure that your pet is in good health to fly. If you get the go-ahead from your vet to travel, make a second appointment close to your date of departure. Then check with the airline and state veterinarian at your destination to determine what documentation you’ll need. It’s not unusual for airlines to require a health certificate issued within 10 days of your flight.

2. Make Sure Your Pet’s Breed Isn’t Restricted

More than ever, airlines are putting restrictions on dog and cat breeds, namely Brachycephalic or “short-nosed” breed like Boston terriers, boxers, and bull dogs, among several others. Some airlines will allow you to fly with your short-nosed pet in cabin, provided they fit within the size and weight guidelines, but always check with your airline before hand.

3. Book in Advance

Airlines allow a limited number of pets per flight, so book early to ensure you get your desired flight. Especially when you fly with your pet in cargo or internationally, be sure to make your reservations well in advance because the requirements can take months to prepare.

4. Acclimate Your Pet to the Kennel

Purchase your kennel well in advance and start getting your pet used to being in the space. Similar to crate training, your goal is for your pet to think of the kennel as a den – a safe, comfortable place they like hanging out.

To help your pet develop a positive association with the kennel, feed her in it for several weeks leading up to your flight. Put her bed and a few favorite toys inside to show her that it is her space to play, sleep, and retreat.

For the flight, line the kennel with a dog travel bed and top it with with puppy pads, just in case of an accident during the flight.
5. Don’t Give Your Pet a Sedative

Tranquilizers are not recommended for pets during flight as they can interfere with a dog’s ability to control body heat at high altitude. If you’re concerned you pet may be anxious, consider CBD oil or treats (be sure to check regulations about flying with CBD oil), calming drops, or a vest designed to calm you pet.

6. Ask to Board Early

Flying with a pet may make you eligible for early boarding – just ask. Getting yourself and your pet situated before your flight can take some time, and having a few extra minutes can help you both remain calm.

7. Keep Your Pet’s Health Documents Handy

Each airline sets their own requirements for pets flying in the cabin and in cargo. Determine which documents your airline requires and keep them handy, so when you’re asked by various staff members, you can easily provide them.

8. Seek out the Pet Relief Areas Before You Fly

Most airports are now required to offer pet relief areas. Before your flight, map out the closest one to your terminal for efficient pet potty breaks during layovers. To help located pet relief areas, Alaska Airlines put together this comprehensive list in airports they service, or ask the staff at the airline gate.

Keep in mind that your pet may not want to go, since the locations are often indoors and on astroturf. Have a puppy pad handy in case your pet decides to eliminate somewhere outside of the pet relief area.

9. Bring a Chew Toy for Take Off and Landing

Like humans, pressure will build up in your pet’s ears during take off and landing. You may notice your pet batting at her ears or shaking her head frequently. Give her a chew toy or hard, chewy treats to help them relieve any discomfort.

Follow these tips, and you and your pet can have a safe, comfortable flight.

14 Reasons You Should Adopt A Greyhound

Greyhounds are known for their exceptional speed. Other than speed, they make good friends and obedient ones too. Unfortunately, not all Greyhounds have the opportunity to live in typical homes with great pet parents to take care of them. Some end up in foster homes waiting for families to adopt them and allow them to have a place to call home.

Fortunately, due to this breed’s nature of being friendly, loving, and compassionate, most people are more than willing to adopt them. So, if you’re looking forward to adopting a Greyhound, here are some reasons why you aren’t making a mistake:

1) They’re Good With For Small Spaces

While they have a reputation for their speed around the track, Greyhounds don’t necessarily require much space to be comfortable. They’re satisfied with just a tiny space for exercise. Greyhounds are happy with jogging but happier when relaxing on the couch. Hence, these pets are a perfect choice for individuals living in urban centres with limited room for high-energy dogs. Due to their slim nature, Greyhounds can perfectly fit in a tiny apartment too!

2) They Can Easily Blend In Your Active Lifestyle

A Greyhound can easily blend into your active life. They will gladly join you when going for adventures such as hiking and camping. They’re perfect for travelling, meeting new people, and exploring different environments. When adopting, be clear about your lifestyle to get an ideal match. You can quickly adopt a Greyhound with GAP NSW adoptions or other agencies and enjoy a great life together.

3) They Make Wonderful Family Pets

Greyhounds are among the gentlest dogs and make excellent pets for the entire family. These pets are clean, soft, loving, and intelligent, adapting quickly to home environments.

4) They Are Fond Of Sleeping

If you’re fond of pets that don’t move too much around the house, you might want to adopt a Greyhound. With a warm, comfortable space to lie on, a Greyhound can sleep for 16 to 18 hours a day. This aspect makes Greyhounds perfect pets for individuals who don’t like their pets moving from one corner of the house to another.

5) They Have A Great Relationship With Other Dogs

Greyhounds are well-mannered dogs, so that they can live harmoniously with fellow dogs. Though some ex-racers can be too much for tiny pets, Greyhounds are often friendly with pocket animals like Guinea pigs and cats. Greyhound rescue teams can tame temperaments to ensure this breed can live peacefully with other pets. If you own other animals and are afraid that adopting a big dog would be stressful for them, adoption centres can recommend a Greyhound that suits your lifestyle and gets along with your other pets.

6) They’re Good Mannered

Most Greyhounds are well-mannered. They are often quiet and reserved, even among guests. Also, ex-racing Greyhounds are already trained and obedient, so all you’ll have to do is adopt and develop the relationship. The hard work’s already been done for you.

7) They Don’t Require Much Grooming

Greyhounds are low-maintenance and don’t require excessive grooming.  At-home brushing and once in a while bathing are enough for them. Also, using a hand glove that features flexible rubber bristles can also keep their coat neat and clean.  Having said that, they also need warm gear for cold months since they’re linear, have short hair, and are more likely to be affected by cold weather.

8) They Make A Perfect Friend

Adopting a Greyhound equals finding a lifetime friend. These pets are known for developing strong bonds with their owners easily and quickly. After creating the bond, a Greyhound loves curling next to its owner whenever the chance arises. A Greyhound might be the perfect option if you’re interested in finding a companion.

9) You’ll Be Saving A Life

Like other rescued pets, adopting a Greyhound means providing a home for a homeless dog. Also, taking one dog from a rescue home creates room for another. You’ll be amazed to discover how adopting and rescuing a dog means to them. They’re always grateful and show it through affection.

10) They’re Healthy And Live Longer

Unlike other breeds of similar size, Greyhounds have a prolonged life expectancy of about 13 years. That said, once you adopt one, you’ll have them for a more extended period, eradicating chances of heartbreak and finding a new pet because of death. Greyhounds are also considered a healthy breed compared to others, so they’re less likely to get sick.

11) You’ll Become Part Of A Supportive Community

Pet parents who have adopted Greyhounds become part of a noble cause concerning the breed. Besides becoming a parent to a remarkable creature, you also become part of a community brought together by a single, similar quest: being there for dogs who require help. As a result, you get yourself a pet and lifetime friends who will always be there to help you with anything you might need to keep your pet happy and comfortable.

12) They’re Perfect For First Time Dog Owners

Being a first-time dog parent isn’t an easy task. There are things you need to do for its safety and health. You also need to groom and ensure it exercises enough. To make your first time as a dog parent easy, consider adopting a Greyhound. This breed is laid back and doesn’t require much to be comfortable. Therefore, they’ll make your experience good even as you prepare to have other pets in your home.

13) They’re Quiet And Composed

As stated, a Greyhound is the quietest and most composed dog breed. For this reason, it’s the perfect dog for condos and apartments. However, your Greyhound may adopt the behaviour if you already have a barking dog. To keep them well-behaved whenever you are going out, you may give them a dog toy which will keep them engaged and entertained as well.

14) They Are An Excellent Movie Companion

Are you a movie lover but frequently enjoy your favourite movies alone? If yes, you might want to adopt a Greyhound. A Greyhound will always be by your side as you enjoy watching what you love. As said earlier, this breed blends easily and quickly into lifestyles. If you’re a movie lover, your trustworthy friend will gladly enjoy watching with you. Plus, they won’t give out spoilers and talk over the film!

Ricky Gervais Fights To Save 85-Year-Old’s Terrier From Euthanasia

An 85-year-old man known as Donal Rogers is at risk of losing his beloved furry friend. His 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Kim has never shown any signs of aggression before, but a recent interaction ended with her biting a stranger.

One Mistake Puts Life at Risk

Sadly, one dog bite can lead to canine euthanasia, even if the bite was justified or a one-time offense. Like many others in this situation, Rogers never thought Kim would bite someone. The little Terrier is his best friend, and he can’t imagine life without her.

Rogers, a former member of the Irish police force, had Kim outside when she unexpectedly bit a woman walking by. A Twitter user said this was the woman’s third time getting bit by a dog, and she had the first two put down. So, she immediately tried to have Kim put down too. Yet, Rogers said Kim hasn’t bitten anyone before or since the incident.



Old man and his dog

Rogers said he tried to reason with the woman four times, but she always refused. He offered to keep Kim in a fenced-in area when outside, work with a dog behaviorist or keep a muzzle on her in public. But no matter what he suggested, she refused to budge. The only way she’ll be satisfied is if Kim is euthanized. The court dates have been very stressful for Rogers.

“I have a heart condition, and I have a pacemaker fitted. I was brought in for a checkup on the pacemaker last week and they were able to figure out from the reaction of the pacemaker on the days of the court, the pacemaker reacted and went faster,” Rogers said. “I am unable to sleep, especially in the early morning.”



Terrier getting belly rubs

Save Kim!

Many people have shared this story on social media and raised money to help Rogers, but there’s not much he can do without the woman having a change of heart. One Twitter user even reached out to Gervais since he’s such a big animal advocate. He shared the post, hoping it would help.

“This is so sad and frustrating. Anyone out there know how this dog can be saved?” Gervais wrote on Twitter.



Ricky Gervais with Goldens

The fundraiser is now closed, but people are still spreading the word to save Rogers’ dog. Kim and Rogers have lived a peaceful life before this incident, and they just want to return to the way things were. Kim sleeps at the foot of Rogers’ bed and she has won several local dog shows. She’s a huge part of Rogers’ life, and he says he’ll miss her terribly if she’s put down.

Of course, no one is saying the dog bite is okay, but most dog lovers agree that Kim and Rogers’ lives shouldn’t be ruined because of it, especially when Rogers is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Kim alive. Hopefully, the court will listen to the pleas of Rogers’ supporters, including Ricky Gervais, so Kim can keep living beside her best friend.

Watch Rogers’ Interview Here:

Featured Image: Facebook and YouTube

The Fact About Pet Canine Eyes and What They Do to Us

You already know the look — that puppy-dog-eyed look. Your canine raises his eyebrows, flashes a fretful face and also you cease in your tracks.

You’ll do practically something to appease him. Deal with? Automobile trip? Steak? Gucci collar? $500 orthopedic mattress?

Current analysis reveals that our emotional response to these pet canine eyes is a part of an intense bond between people and canine that has probably been within the works for tens of hundreds of years.

What are pet canine eyes?

So, what precisely are pet canine eyes? “I describe it as (canine) wanting both apprehensive or unhappy. Simply that unhappy face. They get the wrinkles on the pores and skin of their head,” says Anne Burrows, a organic anthropologist and professor at Duquesne College in Pittsburgh.

We’re drawn to these pet canine eyes as a result of canine and people talk via eye contact and facial expressions. Researchers say   that when canine and people lock eyes with each other, there’s an precise physiological response that produces what’s known as “the love hormone.”

“When people and canine gaze into each other’s eyes, each species launch that hormone, oxytocin. We don’t appear to try this after we look into the eyes of every other animal. It’s the identical hormone that moms launch after they gaze into their new child child’s eyes,” Anne says.

Anne and her colleagues needed to seek out out what underlays this distinctive affinity between canine and people — and so they made some groundbreaking discoveries. “I used to be past excited,” Anne says.

Eyebrow-raising discoveries

Close-Up Portrait Of Boxer Dog At Home
People are drawn to pet canine eyes as a result of we talk via eye contact and facial expressions. © Kris Ansell / EyeEm
/Getty Photos

In 2019, the crew discovered that canine have a facial muscle known as the levator anguli oculi medialis, which permits them to make these puppy-dog-eyed appears to be like and lift their eyebrows — however the domesticated canine’ ancestor, the wolf, doesn’t have that muscle.

“We checked out a wide range of canine breeds in addition to simply combined breeds,” Anne says. “We discovered that the majority canine we examined have this muscle of their eyebrow area. However we didn’t discover it in any of the wolves that we examined.”

Anne’s latest analysis, launched earlier this 12 months, found that canine have considerably extra “quick twitch” muscle fibers of their faces than wolves. This permits canine to make facial expressions quickly, equally to how individuals can shortly change their facial actions.

“Canines and people have facial expressions and facial muscle tissues, far more alike than canine and wolves,” Anne says.

Researchers hypothesize that canine — that advanced from wolves — developed these traits to speak higher with people.

As a canine lover, Anne knew these discoveries have been vital. “We have been simply so glad since you don’t typically have large wins in life. I simply got here house, and I hugged my canine,” Anne says.

So how did canine develop these bodily traits to seize our hearts with only one look? Let’s rewind about 33,000 years.

The evolution of pet canine eyes

Throughout the Higher Paleolithic Stone Age interval, probably in Siberia and Western Europe, people have been cave-dwellers dwelling in camps amongst wolves. Scientists theorize that a few of the tamer wolves probably began hanging round, hoping to get a scrap of meals, and caught the attention of people who felt an emotional connection to the wolves.

“The pleasant wolves in all probability had the flexibility to make this pet canine eye expression and together with that turned acceptable to have round your camp,” Anne says. “I feel it was similar to, ‘This wolf is fairly pleasant. Let’s let this one stick with us.’ It simply began the method of companionship.”

As these friendlier wolves began breeding, evolving into domesticated canine, they appeared to have developed the levator anguli oculi medialis muscle and sooner twitch facial muscle fibers than wolves. “I feel it simply unintentionally advanced,” Anne says.

The outcomes of the analysis are elevating enthusiastic eyebrows amongst different scientists.

“I feel these findings provide very compelling proof that canine have advanced to work together with people. These findings present how well-adapted canine are for all times within the human social area of interest: their facial musculature has altered to permit them to be more practical at speaking with individuals,” says Erin E. Hecht, an assistant professor within the Division of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard College.

So the journey of wolves into canine and the bond between people and canine might have began as a result of cave dwellers gazed into some wolves’ eyes, thought they have been cute — and it modified the world.

“The evolution of pet canine eyes is only one extra method that canine have hijacked the bonding pathway that was imagined to be reserved for our infants. I’m unsure there’s something prefer it anyplace else within the animal kingdom,” says Brian Hare, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke College.

People and canine evolve collectively

Anne provides that throughout the time wolves have been domesticating into canine, they might have additionally performed a job within the evolution of people.

“People turned extra domesticated themselves,” Anne says. “Our brains turned larger. Women and men stopped being so completely different in sizes. We began to calm down in a single place; as an alternative of those nomadic cave dwellers, you begin to see the onset of no less than short-term homes that folks constructed.”

The connection shared between canine and people probably impacted each species bodily and emotionally. “It’s a deep, sturdy bond,” Anne says. “We modified each other’s anatomy, each other’s physiology. We modified each other’s brains.”

How pet canine eyes have an effect on us

Simply in case you want affirmation: canine probably know tips on how to work us over. They’ve mastered tips on how to catch our eye. They’ve been perfecting that manipulating puppy-dog-eyed look because the Stone Age.

“It looks as if the one clarification,” Anne says. “It’s all tied to mutual gaze.”

And that gaze is one thing canine reserve only for us. When your canine interacts with different canine, they largely talk via scent, play bows, tail wags and hackling of their fur. “However they don’t use facial expressions with each other the best way that they use facial expressions with individuals,” Anne says.

The following time you hear about somebody operating right into a burning constructing to avoid wasting their canine — or a canine that dangers his life to rescue his pet father or mother, it’d simply be as a result of the 33,000-years-long love affair between the 2 species has resulted in an attachment like no different.

“Individuals love canine a lot as a result of canine love us a lot,” Anne says. “Canines simply get us in a method that no different animal does.”


“Bag In The Wind” Ends Up Being Frightened Kitten Throughout Hurricane Ian

Many Florida households have confronted tragedies amid Hurricane Ian, and several other areas are nonetheless coping with the aftermath. However people weren’t the one ones in peril throughout this intimidating pure catastrophe. Some animals have been left to fend for themselves throughout the storm, together with a tiny kitten now generally known as Stormie.

Stormie was wandering the streets alone when the hurricane hit Tampa. She by no means would’ve survived on her personal, however fortunately, some law enforcement officials noticed her and introduced her to security. Due to their actions, Stormie went on to discover a sort, loving household that may all the time shield her.



Kitten rescued during Hurricane Ian

Alone and Scared

Two officers from the Tampa Police Division, Officer Rose Angelakopoulos and Reserve Officer Barry Moskowitz, volunteered to assist throughout the top of the storm. They have been patrolling the streets throughout Hurricane Ian once they crossed paths with Stormie.

At first, Angelakopoulos thought the kitten was “a bag within the wind,” however when she seemed nearer, she realized Stormie was an animal that wanted assist.



Officer saves kitten during hurricane

“Winds have been within the 30 MPH vary, and it was raining and chilly,” Angelakopoulos stated. “I instructed my accomplice Barry, ‘I feel that may be a cat.’ He stated he had no thought what I used to be speaking about. I then rotated and instructed him that there’s a cat in the course of the highway and we would have liked to get her.”

The officers wrapped Stormie in towels and introduced her into their patrol car. As they drove to the vet, Angelakopoulos held the kitten near her chest to maintain her heat.

Vets with kitten during hurricane

“She was completely terrified and chilly,” Angelakopoulos added. “After I held her, I noticed ants on her and picked them off. I then tried to sit down her on our floorboard and she or he latched on to me for pricey life, so I stored her on my lap as we drove to the closest vet.”



A Vivid Spot within the Storm

As soon as Stormie made it to the vet, it took her about an hour to heat up. At first, the officers wished to call the kitten Ian, however they selected Stormie once they realized she was a woman.

Tiny kitten in towel

“[The vets] have been glad we discovered her,” Angelakopoulos stated. “She would haven’t survived on the market.”

As soon as Stormie was wholesome, it solely took her an hour to discover a without end residence. Moskowitz has a pal who’s an animal lover, so he contacted them, and so they have been more than pleased to soak up the kitten.


Family adopts kitten

The officers are calling Stormie’s rescue “a shiny spot within the storm.” Now, Stormie will probably be spoiled and liked for the remainder of her life!

Featured Picture: Fb


What Are the Finest Indoor Pet Cameras

One of the best pet cameras can enhance your relationship along with your canine. Maintaining a tally of your canine if you are away may also help you establish troubling behaviors. Many indoor pet cameras have audio system that allow you to discuss to your canine. They might even have a built-in deal with tossing or good toy function. These may also help you reward constructive behaviors with toys, treats or reward.

Pet cameras can be found in each worth vary. Although cheaper pet cameras would not have as many further options, says Mary Beth Quirk, Buying Editor at Client Experiences, comparable to organising recording schedules. Indoor pet cameras might also be information hogs and simple targets for hackers. Mary Beth additionally notes you may really feel anxious watching your canines if you are away, so ensure you are snug seeing them with out touching them.

Ideas for locating one of the best pet digital camera

Listed below are some issues it’s essential to take into consideration when purchasing for a pet digital camera:

  • Decide a pet monitor digital camera with high-definition decision (720P), so you may clearly see your canine whereas recording.
  • Would you like wired or wi-fi? Wired pet monitor cameras need to be beside {an electrical} outlet.
  • Search for indoor pet cameras with evening imaginative and prescient, so that you by no means have to depart further lights on.
  • Have a skittish canine? Get a pet cam that doesn’t make sounds when it activates.
  • Tight price range? Out of doors safety cameras can double as pet monitor cameras. They are perfect for darkish, damp homes.

The price of indoor pet cameras

Most pet digital camera firms don’t cost a month-to-month subscription. Some provide plans to offer prolonged video historical past, good video filters and multi-camera help. Mary Beth says most will allow you to cancel anytime.

Listed below are the digital camera options you may anticipate primarily based in your price range:

Funds pet cameras: Cheap pet cameras would not have a whole lot of bells and whistles like deal with dispensers, however they’ve high-definition video high quality (720P) and vary in worth from $30 to $100.

Mid-range pet cameras: Mid-priced pet cameras value between $100 and $250. They usually function movement sensors, evening view, two-way communication and deal with tossing.

Excessive-end pet cameras: The most costly pet cameras have full HD screens (1080P) and user-friendly smartphone apps. With built-in toys, barking alerts, loop recording and household sharing, these high-end pet cameras can value as much as $380.

How a lot information do pet monitor cameras use?

Funds and mid-range cameras use 8 GB of knowledge per day. However high-end pet cameras can eat 12 GB per day. Mary Beth says some pet screens solely report after they detect movement. Whereas most pet cameras want an in-home WiFi connection to work, you may watch movies on free public WiFi networks.

Indoor pet digital camera privateness

Most pet digital camera firms gather any content material you create, add, save or share. In addition they retailer your social media profiles and observe your pet monitor digital camera utilizing cellular phone towers, GPS or WiFi. Mary Beth says you may choose out of data-sharing to a sure extent.

Indoor pet cameras are additionally magnets for hackers as a result of they allow them to see inside your home. As soon as hackers break into your pet cam, they will entry your private laptop and web router. Hackers may even obtain a replica of the pet cam’s guide to study the producer’s password. Change the manufacturing facility default password and often examine for software program updates.

Let’s dig into some cool examples of pet cameras:

  1. Furbo canine digital camera; furbo.com — Permits you to see and discuss to your canine, plus has a deal with dispenser. Has a higher-end mannequin that rotates, known as the Furbo 360° Canine Digicam.
  2. Petcube Cam; petcube.com — Permits you to see and listen to your canine, plus has evening imaginative and prescient. Additionally has a higher-end mannequin that dispenses treats known as the Petcube Bites 2 Lite and the Petcube Bites 2, which additionally performs music.
  3. Ring for pets; ring.com — Cameras which might be made for household safety and to look at your pets. There may be the Ring Indoor Cam and the Stick Up Cam Plug-in with Pan –Tilt. The Pan – Tilt offers you a 360° view together with a 90° tilt for higher canine viewing.
  4. eufy Pet Canine Digicam D605; us.eufy.com — Permits you to see and listen to your canine, plus it identifies and tracks your canine. Retains recordings and dispenses treats.


What Nutrients Does My Cat Need?

As a cat owner, I know that shopping for cat food can be overwhelming. We all want to give our cats the best possible nutrition but don’t necessarily want to spend extra money on things they don’t need. It’s not unusual for pet food labels to be misleading. Manufacturers capitalize on trends like “grain-free” or “added probiotics” to sell their products. But which ones actually contain the nutrition your cat needs to thrive? And what exactly do all these vitamins and minerals do for your cat?

Let’s take a look at the nutrients cats need and why. I’ll show you the crucial nutrients your cat needs and what they all do!

Cats Are Obligate Carnivores

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need animal protein in order to survive. In other words, they must eat meat. In fact, cats can’t digest plant protein, and they can’t produce certain vitamins and amino acids without meat in their diet. They need meat to survive.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They are linked together in chains called polypeptides. Some proteins also contain nitrogen-containing compounds called purines (adenine and guanine). Proteins perform many functions in the body, like building muscle, maintaining body tissues like skin and organs, transporting oxygen through red blood cells, aiding digestion so food can be more easily absorbed, producing antibodies to fight disease, and producing enzymes to regulate chemical reactions in cells throughout the body.

Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

Cats Need Amino Acids

Your cat needs 20 amino acids that their body can’t produce on their own. These essential amino acids must be obtained from food. The most important ones are taurine, arginine, lysine, and methionine.

The Importance of Taurine

While it’s important to make sure all essential amino acids are contained in your cat’s diet, taurine is particularly important. While taurine is readily available in animal-based proteins, cats can’t store it in their bodies. Because of this, it must be consumed on a regular basis to avoid a deficiency.

Symptoms of taurine deficiency don’t show up right away. They develop over several months. By the time it becomes apparent that a cat is deficient in taurine, the deficiency is already severe. Taurine deficiency leads to impaired vision through the deterioration of the retina. It also causes the muscles of the heart to weaken, leading to dilated cardiomyopathy.

Omega Fatty Acids

Arachidonic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, is another vital nutrient for a cat’s health. This fatty acid is used to create prostaglandins and leukotrienes. These compounds are essential for blood clotting and the proper functioning of the immune system. Arachidonic acid also helps cats fight off parasites like fleas.

Arachidonic acid can be found in chicken and eggs but is particularly high in fish oil supplements like salmon oil. If your cat’s food contains omega-6 fatty acids, it’s likely they are getting enough. Overall supplementation shouldn’t exceed 2% of their daily calorie intake.

How Much Protein Does a Cat Need?

Adult cats require a minimum of 6.5 g/100 kcal of protein daily. Pregnant or nursing cats and kittens need 7.5g/100 kcal per day. Most commercial cat foods contain 1.5 to 2 times this amount of protein. If your cat is eating food that meets the AAFCO pet nutrition guidelines, you are safe to assume they are getting enough protein in their diet.

grey cat eating meat
Image Credit: Chendongshan, Shutterstock

Fat as an Energy Source

Fat is an essential nutrient for cats. They need about 0.5 to 1.5% fat in their diet, but unlike other animals, cats don’t store fat for later use. This means that they need a constant supply of energy from the food they eat to maintain a healthy weight and energy level throughout the day.

While we tend to think of fat as bad, a fat-free diet will make your cat sick. Because they are small animals, cats need high amounts of energy from a small amount of food. This is called caloric density, and it’s important for your cat to stay healthy. It’s also why you want to choose food that packs as much quality nutrition into every bite as possible.

A healthy kitten requires approximately 60 calories per pound of body weight to maintain its health, while adult cats need between 400 and 500 calories per pound daily. The ideal diet will contain around 5–10% fat on a dry matter basis (after all the water is removed). That means if you feed your cat 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of food, it should contain between 5 and 10 grams of fat (0.18 ounces).

Other Important Nutrients

In addition to protein, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and fat, there are a number of other vitamins and minerals that are important to your cat’s overall health.


Water isn’t a nutrient per se, but it is essential. A cat’s body is 70% water. Water helps a cat’s body distribute nutrients properly, maintain body temperature, eliminate toxins, and metabolize food correctly. Unlike other animals, cats can’t go without water for more than 24 hours without suffering serious health consequences, so it’s very important that they have constant access to clean drinking water.

grey British cat looks at blue water bowl on the floor
Image Credit: Yuka Y, Shutterstock

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for healthy vision and the maintenance of a strong immune system.

Vitamin D

Known as the “sunshine vitamin,” Vitamin D plays a crucial role in the functioning of nerves, bones, and muscles.

B Vitamins

  • Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine, is essential for carbohydrate metabolism and nerve impulse transmission.
  • Vitamin B2, or Riboflavin, allows oxygen distribution throughout your cat’s body and improves the breakdown of nutrients. Vitamin B2 deficiency can cause a decrease in the quality of your cat’s skin and coat.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) keeps the gastrointestinal, skin, and nervous systems healthy.
  • Vitamin B6, or Pyridoxine, plays a role in the functioning of the immune system and red blood cells. This vitamin is necessary for proper protein metabolism. B6 deficiency leads to seizures and kidney lesions, but it is extremely rare.


Iron is important for the production of red blood cells and for transporting oxygen throughout the body. Commercial cat foods contain supplemental iron to meet dietary requirements.

tabby cat eating cat food out of bowl inside
Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock


Calcium plays a role in a number of different body functions, including:

  • Bone growth
  • Blood coagulation
  • Muscle contraction
  • Nerve impulse transmission


Magnesium allows your cat’s body to absorb other vitamins and minerals. It also enhances bone growth in kittens and assists with digestive enzyme production.


In order for your cat’s body to efficiently remove toxins and waste products and transfer nutrients directly to cells, they need sodium. While too much sodium may temporarily cause increased thirst, extra sodium is excreted through your cat’s urine.


Proper protein digestion requires chloride to maintain proper body pH.


To sum it up, cats need a diet that contains adequate nutrients for their bodies to function properly. In most cases, these nutritional needs can be met by feeding high-quality commercial cat food. I recommend checking AAFCO guidelines, which carefully outline the needs of cats, and foods that meet these standards are checked to make sure they contain enough of each compound. If you are unsure if your food is meeting your cat’s needs, the best resource is your veterinarian. They can recommend the best food for your cat.


Work: 5 techniques of CIA for good relationship

Having colleagues who trust you is the foundation of success in the workplace. Without it, your colleagues may be reluctant to support you or your ideas. Trust – or lack thereof – can make the difference between meeting your goals and failing.

In a report recently published in the Harvard Business Review, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst reveals some of the key rules followed by CIA agents to have a meaningful and productive relationship with colleagues. tire.

Find ways to become a successful individual

In order to be able to talk about different topics with others, you first need to decide on your interests and qualities as individuals. Is there something you have always wanted to learn? In the world, there are endless ways to learn a new skill by taking classes from people all over the world, without having to walk out the door. From a MasterClass in economics, to sewing or cooking courses to virtual book clubs, the list goes on.

Focusing on finding time after work to devote to a neglected interest helps you build your personality. Although it can be hard to find time when you think about all the work stresses and worries at home, setting a routine and keeping an agenda are the first steps towards accomplishing any kind of project.

Do not pretend

Building trust is extremely difficult if you are not authentic. When you are in the first steps of building a relationship at work, try to find common topics that you are really interested in, not pretending. If you can not find a way to get along with someone – try to learn something about their interests. Putting yourself in the position of student, and the other person in the role of teacher can be a pretty good tactic to build confidence in a much more realistic way.


When building a relationship with someone, remember that in general, people like to talk about themselves and their interests. It’s OK to talk about yourself – and you will need to do this in order to build relationships, but do it in a way that also gives the interlocutor space to share thoughts with you.

Give to receive

In order to start a conversation, we often need to share some personal information to make it easier for others to talk about themselves. This is a technique that the CIA teaches agents during the training phase, about building relationships with intelligence targets. But this tactic is just as important in business relationships. If you are hoping that a colleague will open up to you about something, build the conversation in such a way that you share a similar situation with them. ‘Give to take’ is an equally important theory in terms of reaching compromises during negotiations as it is also a good way to break the ice with a colleague.

Keep notes

Just as CIA agents keep a diary when writing reports after their meetings, consider keeping notes of what you learn about people or what impresses you in general. Writing, and keeping a diary or blog where plans and wishes come true through a detailed work plan, has always been one of the characteristics of the most successful people in the world. Based on an article by former CIA intelligence analyst and author Kristina Hillsberg.

Money: Why we spend more

Do you ever feel like you can’t go shopping without spending too much? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

But why and how does all this happen? Of course, businesses use highly intelligent ways to encourage you to spend more money. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to make smarter purchases.

According to a study by Sortlist marketing experts, these are 4 of the most commonly used tactics by businesses around the world:

1 – Store layout

Have you ever wondered why staple foods like milk or eggs always stay at the bottom of the store? The reason for this is that you buy more things during your trip to what you really needed before entering the store.

You will also see this tactic at the product line-up level. Studies clearly show that stores place the most popular (and often times the most expensive) products on the middle shelves, at the viewing level, while newer and lesser-known brands are placed on the top or bottom floor.

2 – The effect of absence

When you shop online and see the ‘latest in stock’ label, this is done in order to put more pressure on you to make the purchase immediately. Why does this happen? It all has to do with lack. No one will think that they are losing a chance, so the opposite effect makes you think of buying the product without thinking for a long time, because very soon the opportunity can ‘fly out of your hands’.

3 – Pricing strategy

Would you be more willing to spend – € 199.99 or € 200? According to one study, the answer is € 199.99. Even though the price is practically the same, the illusion is created that you are getting something for a lower price and more affordable cost. The study also shows that products with these types of ‘illusory’ values ​​are bought much more than those with fixed values.

4 – More money

This should not be a concern when shopping online, but it does have a tremendous impact on supermarkets. The idea is that if customers are given large carts to go shopping then the probability that they will buy more is higher. This plays with the ‘big shopping’ mentality, where your shopping trip is not over until the cart is full.

On the other hand, if you get a basket, you can not put a lot of things on it so you will buy less. This is why many stores do not offer baskets at all or place them away from the entrance.

How to make more intelligent purchases?
Ready to learn how to save money and stay true to your budget the next time you go shopping? Here are some tips on how to avoid business tricks and make smarter purchases:

Do not be tempted by seasonal discounts. None of it is worth it to get into debt to pay it off. Keep an eye out for offers and look for the same product in several stores to make the price difference.

If you only need two or three things from a store, like a bottle of milk and bread, do not take baskets but try to keep them on hand. This will help you not to be tempted to buy too much.