Eye Problems

What to Look out for.


The eyes are the only part of the body in which we can look deep into the veins, blood vessels and optic nerve, without the need for surgery.

Thanks to them the health of the body can be diagnosed in time if you show caution in some warning signs.

Yellow Spots On The Eyelids
The appearance of yellow spots on the eyelids may indicate that the cholesterol level is out of control.

These spots are fat deposits that appear in many areas of the body.

Eyesight and Sensitivity to Light
If the eyes and mouth swell easily, then we are dealing with an immune disease which usually affects women over 40 years old.

This disease usually accompanies rheumatoid arthritis and also manifests itself with difficulty in swallowing or chewing.

Vision Loss, Poor or Double Vision.
These problems, if they occur suddenly, can warn of an impending ischemia.

If you notice that you do not see well from the eyes and you have numbness of one limb on one side of the body, be careful.
Other signs of ischemia include loss of balance, headaches, and difficulty speaking.

Thin eyebrows.
Eyebrows thin out with age, but if such a thing is accompanied by hair loss in other areas of the body then we are dealing with a thyroid disorder.

It can be hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.
Immediate graying in the eyebrow area also indicates thyroid problems.

If this problem is accompanied by fluctuations in weight, mood or energy then thyroid concerns are deeper.
Eye Control Is Important.
If you notice the above signs consult a doctor.

Only an ophthalmologist can detect serious health problems which may be hidden.

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