How Long Can a Man Endure Without Drinking Water

Water is a very important and irreplaceable part of human health.

Expert data show a man can survive for just a few days without water.

However, the loss of life due to lack of water or dehydration is dependent on other factors such as: environment and physical activity.

Man can be dehydrated very quickly.

Dehydration is associated with an unmatched thirst, extreme fatigue, organ failure and eventually premature death.

On the first day of dehydration a person may have a lot of thirst and be sluggish while the organs turn off on the third day of dehydration.

However, the body’s resistance to dehydration depends on several factors.

How Long Can a Waterless Man Resist

The body needs water to perform many functions, including temperature balance and to guarantee cell longevity.

According to experts, man can survive without water for 3 days, but other factors have a significant role in this calculation.

For example if a person lives in a place with high temperatures and does not drink water, he is very endangered.

The body uses water to produce sweat. Its absence increases body temperature and then decreases blood volume.

When less blood circulates in the body, blood pressure drops to frightening levels.

This leads not only to loss of consciousness but also to premature death.

Factors that affect human water needs are:


Physical activity,

General health,

Weight and height,


Food also plays a role in the need for water.

If a person consumes water-rich foods, such as juices, fruits and vegetables, he will not need much water.

The opposite happens in the case of a person who eats cereals and dry foods.

Someone who lives in hot places needs more water, while people who live in a place where the climate is controlled do not need large amounts of water.

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