In Which Fights Did Mike Tyson Show His Flawless Defense?

In Which Fights Did Mike Tyson Show His Flawless Defense?

Mike Tyson possessed a ‘Peek-a-Boo’ boxing style. He often used to bend a bit in order to attack his opponent’s body with hooks or target the chin with uppercuts. However, when his adversaries threw a barrage of punches. Tyson often used to divide his body load by moving his legs and weaving left and right.

Tyson’s exhaustive style confused many opponents and hardly anyone could catch him while he was mobile. While showing off his defense, Tyson used to move ahead slowly and steadily to cut the gap to land his devastating power punches.

Mike Tyson had many memorable bouts that are remembered even today. However, there were a few fights wherein ‘Iron’ Mike showed his out of box defense, along with crucifying power.

In his second fight against Frank Bruno, Tyson dodged many of his rival’s power-packed right hands with swift head movements.

In his fight against Robert Colay, ‘Iron’ Mike bent twice, moving left and right to avoid getting hit before landing a cracking left shot to finish the fight. Apart from this, Tyson, in his fight against Michael Johnson, dodged two heavy blows to land a power-packed body shot.

There are many more fights wherein Tyson proved to be an absolute genius with his defense. The boxing world will truly never have a star like him.


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