Mike Tyson vs. Joe Louis 2: Calm Before The Storm

Mike Tyson vs. Joe Louis 2: Calm Before The Storm

In an unheard-of partnership, HBO, Showtime, ESPN and DAZN agree to co-produce a pay-per-view event that will livestream on a neutral “Mike Tyson vs. Joe Louis 2” app and be distributed through traditional cable and satellite systems. The sporting world is holding its breath and the Garden is pulsating with excitement.

The fighters are getting a 50/50 split of the purse even though Tyson won the first fight.

Mike Tyson vs. Joe Louis 2: Calm Before The Storm

When Rooney finishes up, Tyson starts to shadowbox furiously, the sweat popping off of him with every combination.

Jacobs gives Mike a kiss and a hug. D’Amato gives him an affectionate hug and says, “Remember, you are the greatest, up there with all the best. Whatever you do tonight, I will always love you and be proud of you.”

In , Arcel watches Blackburn doing the taping. Louis looks up at Ray and smiles and says, “You back again, Ray?” Arcel had been in the corner of many of Louis’ victims in the ring. Arcel politely leaves when the taping is completed.

“Listen, in the first round watch him like a cat, react like a cat and let him have a little. If he brings it harder, I showed you the openings he leaves, but you have to bend those legs, eyeball to eyeball level with him and thread a needle with your shots. Make everything hurt like a mule kicking downhill.

“We worked on those defensive pivots. He does that shit, you see him and raise him, but faster. Pivot with him and nail him hard. Keep both hands up high and damn it, don’t drop them, and your jab will set up everything. Shotgun jabs all night long.”


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