Miraculous rescue : people found a dog in the sea, 124 miles from the coast

The Gulf of Thailand is large, though not deep, but no one would think of swimming across it. So the workers on the rig were quite surprised to see a dog in the water. It’s almost 124 miles from shore. The animal was barely hanging on to the water and the editors were happy to see what happened next.

There were no animals on the tower, the dog clearly came from outside. But how did he manage to swim such a distance, and why did he swim to the tower, which stands in the middle of the bay? Probably the answer lies in the cruelty of the people who helped the animal to get into the water, far from the shore. It was doomed – the workers remember that he miraculously just discovered the little head in the middle of the waves. Had the swell been a bit stronger, the dog would never have been seen.

The workers managed to lower the ropes and hook the dog. It didn’t bark, didn’t move much, and just greedily drank the offered water. You could see with the naked eye that the animal was exhausted – how could it even stay on the water?

For a few days, the staff cooked a spacious cage for him and waited for the rescue boat. The dog made no sound and just stared at his rescuers. Who knows what he really had to endure?

The rescue of the dog became a local sensation – both at sea and on land it was seen as a good sign. The animal was handed over to the veterinarians, who were surprised to find it completely healthy. As if there had been no strenuous swimming through the Gulf, as if… the animal had appeared there, in the sea near the oil rig, by the will of higher forces?

The impressed Thais christened the dog “Boonrod”, which means “a spiritual donation for good luck in the future”. The foreman of the drills, Khon Vitisak, has already announced that he will take it to his house as a talisman if the owners are not found.

Source: lemurov.com

Author: Jane Jewellery

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