Money: Why we spend more


Do you ever feel like you can’t go shopping without spending too much? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

But why and how does all this happen? Of course, businesses use highly intelligent ways to encourage you to spend more money. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to make smarter purchases.

According to a study by Sortlist marketing experts, these are 4 of the most commonly used tactics by businesses around the world:

1 – Store layout

Have you ever wondered why staple foods like milk or eggs always stay at the bottom of the store? The reason for this is that you buy more things during your trip to what you really needed before entering the store.

You will also see this tactic at the product line-up level. Studies clearly show that stores place the most popular (and often times the most expensive) products on the middle shelves, at the viewing level, while newer and lesser-known brands are placed on the top or bottom floor.

2 – The effect of absence

When you shop online and see the ‘latest in stock’ label, this is done in order to put more pressure on you to make the purchase immediately. Why does this happen? It all has to do with lack. No one will think that they are losing a chance, so the opposite effect makes you think of buying the product without thinking for a long time, because very soon the opportunity can ‘fly out of your hands’.

3 – Pricing strategy

Would you be more willing to spend – € 199.99 or € 200? According to one study, the answer is € 199.99. Even though the price is practically the same, the illusion is created that you are getting something for a lower price and more affordable cost. The study also shows that products with these types of ‘illusory’ values ​​are bought much more than those with fixed values.

4 – More money

This should not be a concern when shopping online, but it does have a tremendous impact on supermarkets. The idea is that if customers are given large carts to go shopping then the probability that they will buy more is higher. This plays with the ‘big shopping’ mentality, where your shopping trip is not over until the cart is full.

On the other hand, if you get a basket, you can not put a lot of things on it so you will buy less. This is why many stores do not offer baskets at all or place them away from the entrance.

How to make more intelligent purchases?
Ready to learn how to save money and stay true to your budget the next time you go shopping? Here are some tips on how to avoid business tricks and make smarter purchases:

Do not be tempted by seasonal discounts. None of it is worth it to get into debt to pay it off. Keep an eye out for offers and look for the same product in several stores to make the price difference.

If you only need two or three things from a store, like a bottle of milk and bread, do not take baskets but try to keep them on hand. This will help you not to be tempted to buy too much.

Author: Jane Jewellery

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