The bee declared the most important living being on Earth

The bees have been declared the most important living beings on this planet, the Earthwatch Institute concluded in the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London. However, according to wildlife experts and scientists, the bees have joined the endangered species long list.

The recent studies show a dramatic decline of the bees number as almost 90% of the their population disappeared in the last few years. The uncontrolled use of pesticides, deforestation or lack of flowers are the main reasons of their extinction.

However, why would such a little being be named the most important creature on Earth. Well, the answer is actually more simple than you ever thought. 70 % of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on bees. Needless to mention the pollination is the bees’ job, although the plants would not be able to reproduce, therefore the fauna would have been gone in a very short time. More than that, a study conducted by the Apiculture Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor (CeapiMayor) and the Apiculture Corporation of Chile (Cach) with the support of the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA) concluded that the bees are the only living being who does not carry any type of pathogen.

After all, the Albert Einstein’s say about bees has never been more true. “If the bees disappear, humans would have 4 years to live,” the famous physicist said.

Since the bees importance is crucial in our planet’s ecosystems and they’ve also been declared an endangered species, we really need to be as careful as possible on the matter. And we need to act quickly as we still have some solutions.

Therefore, in order to protect these hard-worker creatures we should immediately prohibit the use of pesticides, promote completely natural agricultural alternatives and we should monitorize carefully their health and welfare.

Lately people started to realize the importance of the bees and many animal rights groups are trying their best for the conservation of the species. Many celebrities have also joined the cause. And maybe the most wonderful example is Morgan Freeman. Recently the Hollywood star transformed his huge 124-acres land in Mississippi, into a bee sanctuary, in order to protect the species.

“There is a concerted effort for bringing bees back onto the planet… We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation,” Morgan Freeman said in an interview.

If you’re not aware of the importance of these tiny creatures, watch the video bellow!

Meet The Bee Hummingbird – The Smallest Bird In The World (10 Pics)

We’ve said before that hummingbirds possess a unique type of delicate beauty that is like no other.

They are some of natures smallest birds and are true evolutionary marvels.

The bee hummingbird is like no other, even compared to the tiny hummingbird, it’s tiny. In fact, it is the world’s smallest.

Epoch Times Photo
(Melinda Fawver/Shutterstock)

Measuring only around 5-6 centimetres long, these tiny birds also weigh less than 2g, that’s half a teaspoon of sugar.


Their name comes from the fact that they are so small, that they often get mistaken for bees. Especially since hummingbirds also make a humming noise when flying, resembling the bees buzz.

They are native to Cuba where you can find them fluttering on flowers all over, kind of like a bee too!

Epoch Times Photo

Unlike most other hummingbirds, bee hummingbirds don’t migrate from their hometown of Cuba and instead are content with their home subtropical climate.

Just like all other hummingbirds, their most aesthetically pleasing aspect is their stunning iridescent plumage. Now when you add this to a bird so tiny like the bee hummingbird, it really looks like a flying jewel.

Epoch Times Photo
(Charles J Sharp/CC BY-SA 4.0)

The males sport a green body with a bright red throat. They really are a sight to behold and if you ever get the chance to see them, make sure you take it.

The females wear a bluey-green plumage, pale underside and a black throat.

Epoch Times Photo
A female bee hummingbird (Charles J Sharp/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Hummingbirds flap their wings on average between 50-80 beats per second, making them a literal blur to the human eye.

If you ever had the chance to see a hummingbird’s wings flapping, its usually because the video has been slowed down or the hummingbird is landing.

Get to Know the Bee Hummingbird, the World's Smallest Bird | Audubon

When they dive, they can flap their wings up to 200 times per second!

The bee hummingbird feeds mainly on nectar, just like other hummingbirds, and occasionally will feed on insects and spiders too.

Meet The Bee Hummingbird: The Smallest Bird In The World - The Dodo

It is believed the bee hummingbird can visit around 1,500 flowers a day, meaning it helps the ecosystem by aiding in plant reproduction.


Epoch Times Photo
(James Bloor Griffiths/Shutterstock)

The bee hummingbird lays eggs the size of a coffee bean, just under an inch in diameter!

It’s breeding season begins in March, and when this happens, the male shines in a fiery pink/red from head to throat.

Bee Hummingbird - eBird

This bright color is of course to attract its female counterpart. The male also performs displays in the air and sings its heart out.

The male can get so bright, that the mother doesn’t let the father get close to any eggs it may have laid in a nest since it may be easily visible to predators.

Epoch Times Photo

The bee hummingbird is listen as ‘near threatened’ meaning it’s numbers are declining.