The glorious history of Bylis

In the ancient city of Bylis expeditions follow to bring to light its full grandeur. Journalist brings this expanded material that sheds light on what the city once was. Bylis was a city that existed in antiquity, it was a very powerful city, it had a very big theater, stadium, promenade and many churches.


The city that has existed for 1 thousand years had a perfect plan that tells us that Bylis had a glorious history and testifies to the development and civilization of early Illyria. Well-known archaeologist Neritan Ceka points out that Bylis had a large theater with 7500 spectators while the municipality was just a small house.

“Maybe not only in Albania, but in the whole Balkans there was not so much theater. We have four theaters in this territory, where the largest occupied 7500 spectators. “I think the spectators listened in Illyrian and not in Greek, as one might say,” said renowned archaeologist Neritan Ceka.


Archaeologist Skënder Muçaj says that Bylis took a great development during the V-VI century and became one of the most important centers of Albania today. He says that in Bylis there are traces that show that the Illyrians were associated with fishing.

“We can conclude that part of Christianity and all the rites that develop today the Slavic population have received from this territory. We have also found a fishing hook and we must remove it once and for all from the mentality that the Albanian people, despite having the sea nearby, were afraid of the sea “, says archaeologist Muçaj.


Only 1 in 8 of the archeological park has been excavated, bringing to light, many constructions in the ancient city, but this does not mean that for the archaeologists who have dedicated their lives not to predict what the earth hides. Among the precious objects that have been discovered is a mosaic of 1400 square meters.

Two expeditions have been set up in Bylis, one for the tanker, the largest in the Ancient Balkans. The Second Expedition, set up by the Academy of Sciences, consists of conducting surveys of another archaeological site that has uncovered new artifacts and objects.

Archaeological Park

For archaeologists, this Archaeological Park, very special, filled with objects that have had different functions, houses, mosaics in various cult objects, will remain the only one that not only talks about antiquity, but all about civilization and development. .

“The big message is that we are a people who have been civilized for thousands of years. It is not that we are the oldest people, there are peoples older than us but they have not done anything great, so their fate has gone. To imagine that we do not have so many theaters today. To have four theaters in 20 square km, tell me a place of the world? This is a great message to say that this place is made “, says archaeologist Ceka.