Eminem or Not Eminem?

A recently surfaced picture made Eminem fans debate its authenticity. In a picture that nobody recalls seeing before, Marshall is posing in a military fatigue patterned coat and his trusty Kangol hat, making a recognisable “Berzerk” face. A blurred background, slightly out-of-focus body mass and painfully smooth skin made the whole picture look like a … Read more

Lana Del Rey Explains Billie Eilish How Much She Listened to Eminem Music Growing Up

Billie Eilish tried herself as an interviewer and discovered that Lana Del Rey grew up on an artist that terrified Billie — Eminem. In that conversation, published in the Interview magazine, Billie, who is a huge Lana fan, especially praises her storytelling. This is something Lana has in common with Marshall, and she learned it … Read more