What Made Mike Tyson So Angry In A 7000-Viewer Video?

What Made Mike Tyson So Angry In A 7000-Viewer Video?

It was a TV interview with Mike Tyson when he first arrived in Canada. A reporter then asked him about his r*pe conviction, which made Tyson angry, thereby changing his entire demeanor. The video was viewed by over 700k people, and that video reminded fans of the old Tyson.

What does 50 Cent have to say about Mike Tyson?
The American rapper shared the old video this morning, with a caption, “your being negative Mike, LOL”.

From the video, it was evident that the reporter’s question had massively irked the former champion.

In the beginning, the reporter asked, “some of your critics would say, you know, there’s a race for mayor. We know you’re a convicted r*pist. This could hurt his campaign. How would you respond to that?” This word made Tyson angry.

Tyson replied, “Hey, I don’t know who said that. You know when I heard say that you know what I mean, and I don’t have no comment to that. You know because it’s negative and you’re being negative. I met the mayor right and nothing they can do about it ” He did not stop there, he added, “so interesting when you come across like tonight, that would you really appear for a piece of sh*t? That’s not that was a piece of sh*t. You was a piece of shit. F**k you.”

However, Alex, his promoter tried to calm both parties, but it was not enough for ‘The Iron Mike.’ Despite the interview being broadcast live, nothing could stop Mike Tyson. It had gotten too far that the host had to wrap things up.


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